My Thinking Becomes My Lifestyle

Hello hot blooded people! I mean you young guys and gals. :-)

I always thought one thing that now i want to share with you is that sometimes on the bed, i think that who i am and for what i’m in this world? Then i came to know about the quotatation that your birth is normal but your death should be historic. That says all about the good personality and lifestyle. How you’re suppose to spend your life. That’s for sure that only two types of people are known to the world. One is tha worst or bad people and the other one are good and charismatic and ambitious people. People between them are just wasting their time. I know that you were thinking about me but i’m trying my best working on my new copied ideology :-) . . . So i must say that please try to live the life. Don’t waste it as it can’t be back. You will move ahead but can’t go back but just looking back what you did in part. Learn from it. Have a good life. Best of luck . . .


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