Will Power and Four Noble Truths

Hello Dear !!!

Right now I am thinking about the people who are awesome in their life. I tried to discover the main cause of it and i finally found the thing inside them is Will Power. Look, spirituality can be the second name of will power. I have met many people in my life who were severely ill. But now some of them are healthy. I asked them about the reason so they told me that they decided to be healthy. They tried and made themselves to bear and control over pains. One sentence summary of all the discussion with them was like "We don’t want our life to rule us but we want to rule our life." This is a great sentence I have ever heard about the will power. Human is superior. If you want to control over the will power, you need to minimize your desires. Because desires finally hurt people. Ohhh I remembered the four noble truth of Budha. When I read them, I was like amazed that how Budha is saying all these truths but in fact it is true what he said. So let me share with you those truths.

  1. Life is suffering
  2. Suffering is caused by craving and aversion
  3. Suffering can be overcome
  4. 8-fold Path is the path which leads to the end of suffering

I want to go deep inside these truths but not now. So it is enough for this time :). I will soon tell you about the brief summary of these noble truths in easy way and easy words. So subscribe to my blog I will email you when I update my blog.




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