When you are going to sleep :)

The time span of 24 hours is a time in which you are limited to complete your work. But if i talk about the peace, then the best time according to me is when you are finally go to bed after the all day exertion. When you lay down on your bed, you feel like that world is full of peace and now i am going to plan what i am supposed to do in this world. I personally think (i don’t know whether i am right or wrong), that the right time of thinking and decision making is when you go to bed and lay down. Because it is that peaceful time when you finish all your work and ready to relax your whole body, soul and mind. I used to plan many things and many many things comes in my mind that i would do this, i would say this to her, i would go there and bla bla bla.. ha ha ha… But believe you me, that time is such a time when you’re completely relaxed. Specially in summer when your AC is switched on and you’re pooped after the lot of work. Hey hey hey… don’t think of tension during this time. Just relax and recall your good and memorable moments and then see the magic what would happen in your mind and heart. Sometimes you laugh, sometimes you will amaze and sometimes you will cry.

** Khawaja Naveed Haider **


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