Death Of My Father

inna lillah wa inna ilaihi  rajioon.
inna lillah wa inna ilaihi rajioon.

You can’t even think what i am feeling about the life as my father passed away on 24th September.  It is really shocking for me that I am feeling that now the roof is no more above me. I’m helpless. There’s no shelter. I am scared of the people who were good to us when he was alive. Now those people attacked on us like the eagles.

Message To My Father:

Oh father!!! Look, what the people are doing with me after you. Those people you loved the most now abusing me and insulting you. Who can provide me the shelter like you? Do other really sincere like you? After you, they are looking at me with the hungry eyes. I know you told me that after me, people would hurt you. That’s true and that is what i am facing after you. I can really see the crocodile tears of my relatives.  You made me learned many things. I am proud that you made me learned even after death. I haven’t seen the that much big funeral (janaza) – (جنازہ) in my whole life. You teaches me the real life. You teaches me the sincerity, and help for all other. You teaches me how to care about. You teaches me what  are the things that money can’t buy. You teaches me money is not everything. You’re really a good father who didn’t every hurt me during your life. Now I’m helpless from humans. You didn’t mention the name of that person from whom I can take money like I used to take from you. No one in this world can replace you. Now I am on the bridge in there is disaster at the right side and peace at the left side. Who will hold me? I can’t forget your pains during your ailment. Everybody is appreciating me that i really served you more than the thinking of others. But nobody asks me that how could you die if I really served you. I’m so abashed. Please forgive me. I know you used to pray for me for my servings for you but I am not internally satisfied for what I did. Please be with me in every turn. Now there is no one who can hold me and guide me the right way. People are found so selfish.

May Allah bless you best out of best and give you the best place in heaven. But please do wait for me. I know you are alone here. But I am helpless. I will come to you when the order will come and I will definitely be with you. I will tell you that what people did with your beloved son. I’m shedding tears. Who will wipe them?

Khawaja Naveed Haider

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