Enigma Of Life

Today I am missing so many people who were once in my life. I sometimes think that what the life is doing with the people around the world. Life gives the new way to success and paves new ways to failure. Some looses lives and some get births. Everyday people are dying and getting birth. It is happening for what? Is it because of the cycle? There is a long history about it. But one thing that I know and I must share is that to act upon on your religion is what the life is. West thinks religion as a private matter but for the social life, it is totally different from religion. Isn’t it painful to have a dual personalities? But thank to Almighty Allah that I am Muslim. Religion is not my private affair and for all the Muslims, social life is the depiction of private life. No tension no problems. Hey!! I have the whole lecture and will be writing soon about it. So just wait for it… :)


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