Non-Native English Speaker

English is a wonderful language only when it is being sp0ken by the natives. I’m just always laughs at English Teachers. They are like practicing to speak English. I hate this. They speak English and they already know that if there is a certain situation, i have to say this. What the hell!!! There is a teacher, when a students asks to come in, he says “Hop In”. This is a slang (i think) that feels really bad to me. English should be in your sub-conscious. Usually teachers remember what to say, where to say and how to say.

Just imagine that you are going to your office and start thinking something else rather than putting your eyes on the four sides of the road. After few minutes, you’ll be in your office. That’s something like sub conscious. You have back in your mind that I have to go right and then left etc… but you don’t remember it. Remember!!! There’s always a difference between remembering something or something you have in your sub consciousness.

Uff… I’m not quite sure that whether I’m able to make you understand my point fully or not..??? But let’s see and let your mind think. :)

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