Amazing Moment Of My Life

It was the Sunday morning; I waked up and look at the watch. Oh my God! Two hours left!!! It was the time of my flight from Bangkok to Lahore. I and my brother stood up and got a quick bath and took a taxi for the airport. It is always hot in Bangkok for the whole year. I was in a taxi and getting bored with the Thai radio station. I was already getting late but just check out my luck that the driver also forgotten the way to the airport. But as the time passes, we reached there and took a boarding pass after waiting for at least 20 minutes. I was coming back to Pakistan and my brother was going to China. I was so afraid that I would miss my flight and I also don’t know the things happened after missing the flight. In getting the boarding pass, lady told my brother that your flight is late. He became calm and wanders around the airport. Now we separated from each other. I just walked toward my gate and there was a long queue. When my turn comes, the person asked me to let him check out all the handbags which I was having for my family as a gift. I told him that please let me go I’m missing my flight but he didn’t listen. At last I crossed that check point, but what I saw is that nobody was there. Flight had gone. I was so afraid that I don’t even have the mobile number of my brother. I walked towards the exit gate but the airport was so big and I was unable to find it out. But what I see is that my brother was coming from the opposite side and abusing the lady which he told about the late flight. Flight was not late. He had also missed the flight. I thanked to God J. But we both were laughing that what happened to us. That was the amazing moment of my life. On the very next day, I picked the flight to Islamabad and he picked the flight to Guangzhou.

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