I Played a Prank

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Hi Dear!

I went to the trip to Kalar Kahar and Islamabad from my city Lahore with my cousins on 21st November 2010 a lovely Sunday morning. The trip was awesome and really memorable. We enjoyed a lot as we were on our own car.

Let’s get back to the real prank. When we were leaving Islamabad, there was a check point. We were four in the car and the police stopped us for checking. After his full satisfaction, i offered him to come with us to Lahore. We were having Sting Energy Drinks. One of my cousin asked us to fill it with water. When I offered the policeman a lift to Lahore, my cousin offered him that Energy Drink which was filled with water. He first denied to take then we forced him and he took it. My cousin told my another cousin to move the car fast. We suddenly and rushed out from there and what i saw back is that policeman is looking here and there that if nobody is seeing you from drinking the drink and then he took a sip and suddenly spit it on the road. Ha ha ha… Oh Man it was a lovely and funny moment that i ever enjoyed in a company. You can’t even imagine the full body expressions of the policeman.


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