Which created first. Life or death?

This is very interesting question that might be in your mind but in most minds, it does not exist because people don’t care to think about these kind of topics. But one day I had heard a man who was answering this question and it really impressed me.

Let me first create a ground for this question. Suppose you get a job in an organization and you are given a good pay. Now you went to your office and started working there. Then you are told that the pay you will be given is not the actual pay. In this pay, your amount of your cafe, transportation and tea will be deducted. Now what would happen is that you will ask your boss about it and you would say that you had not told me about this before so I won’t accept your offer. Am i right?

Now take the scenerio in my question. If life was created first then we would have the chance to ask our God (Allah) that it is not fair that you had not told us about the death. So it is logically proven that death was created first so that people would not ask or tell that Allah didn’t told us.

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