Don’t say we don’t care. It really matters

Here is one more topic for you that i really want to share. Hey one minute!!!! I am not a philospher. Mind it.
There is a concept that we don’t care whatever people do. Whether that is right or wrong. We are safe. That is truely wrong thing. I have the logic for this. Lets take an example to make you understand my point of view. I may be wrong but most probably i will be right i think ;).
There is a big ship and people have bought the ticket for their seats. Understand? I am one of them who bought the ticket. Now in the mid of the way, i started making a whole on the surface of my seat. Got it? Now rest of the people would come to stop me. Here i will and i have a right to ask them a question that why you are trying to stop me as i bought the ticket for this seat. I will do whatever i want. If you think it logically, i am right. Do you accept that? Yes. My seat my rules….. But people will still stop me because of my this act, other people are in danger.

So here we can conclude with the help if the above example that it really matters that you just think like “we don’t care”. Why you say like that? Just try to think that because of you, many people can be safe and at the same time many people would ve in danger if you gi for some wrong things.

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