Where to invest your money?

Hello Dear!

I have been writing my blog after a long time due to my exams. So without telling you the stories of my life, let me come to to the title of the post. :)

Let me tell you one thing that I hate to invest money in Banks. Because the return on the investment in Banks is just like the quarter of the single slice of the pizza. Look! there is one simple rule of the investment. If you take risk, the return would be higher. More risk more return. Less risk less return. Bank is the one of the safest investment option for many people. But what they give you? Just not more than 12%. What I would like to recommend that you should invest directly into the businesses. What they would give you is more likely to the half of the profit. Small businesses are the good option for investment. Because they are always in need of money and they can run a good cycle of money than the big companies. Minimum profit on import business is 40% which means you would be getting at least 20% return on your investment. But the variation is always there. The minimum profit of manufacturing firms is 80%. You can earn up to 30% which is obviously better than the bank. But mind it that you should always sign a contract of investment. Your investment period should not be greater than six months. If the business you’re going to invest is your friend or trust worthy people, you can invest for more than six months. But remember, don’t get in to the more and more profits. I mean don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

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