Do we really need change in our life?

Hello Dear Reader!

Hope you’re fine and enjoying your life… Now it is time to think about what is the title says and click in your mind? Anyways, i’m here to tell and give a rest to your mind. I won’t mind if you do so. :-)

Today I want to discuss about the changes you will need to adopt. There are only two things that you can do. Either you change the things or adopt the existed changes. There are two environments in our life of every field. One is external and the second is internal. You can change somehow the internal environment but you cannot change the external environment. You cannot carpet the roads if you don’t like to walk on it bare footed. But you need to put on shoes. Well you’re not a prince or a king that people would allow to make your own rules. So what you need is just to change yourself according to situation. Never ever make yourself habitual of the things you do. Like if you are smoking, don’t make yourself habitual. Another example is that if you sleep in the AC, don’t make yourself habitual. May be there comes a time when you will not be facilitated by the AC.

Now here is the question that do we really need a change in our life? What my point of view is that “Yes! We need change in our life.” At least I can say that i can survive in every environment. Because i am not habitual of the things. If I don’t have the access to the internet, i can go without it. If I don’t go to the KFC, I can visit a small burger shop, if i don’t even afford a burger from a burger shop, I can resist myself from not eating such things that I cannot afford.

Can you change with the environment?


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