How to select property for investment

Hello Dear Reader!

Hope you are fine and enjoying your wonderful life that is given to you by Allah and it is for short period of time. Please don’t waste your life in hate and giving tensions to other people. Life should be like those people who are good to other people. I think I’m deviating from the topic. :) Don’t take tension I now came back. hahahaha

I have read somewhere that if the economy is growing of a country, the housing sector starts getting a boom in the country or economy. Same is the case with Pakistan. Near the vaccinity of Lahore, you can find many housing schemes which are under construction. Lahore is now become the wonderful place to live if you’re in Pakistan. But the business of the property in Lahore also seems very profitable.

There are some tips regarding purchasing a property in Pakistan. I think my tips are universal. Anyways if you have something to say, then do tell me I will be very thankful.

Let’s start with the tips…

  1. If you have money for the investment in property, don’t go for installments. It will cost you higher and very few chances of returns exist.
  2. Always consult the open market for the latest prices of the property. Don’t go directly to the developers. They will most probably charge you higher and they will convince you to buy a property in installments.
  3. Try to select a property which is within the city or close to the city. Because if you buy a property which is outside the city, it will take years to get populated. These kind of properties are best for the people near those locations and only for residence.
  4. If you are planning to buy a shop in a building, always make sure that what are the businesses which are going to open their shops in the building. If you are the first one and want a shop for just investment purpose, believe me you’re in trouble. Buildings are run by shops and businesses.
  5. If you are getting a profit on selling your property, don’t wait and sell it out. Because there are very few chances of continues appreciation of the property especially in commercial plot or shops.

I think these five tips are enough. Actually I have interest in property and always planning to buy some for future investment and for future goals. So honestly, i take these point under my consideration before selecting any property. Let me give you a tip for investment in property in Lahore. Now it is up to you that wheather you like it or not but I will give you by force. hahaha

You can go for Central Park in Lahore Pakistan, but buy the plots from open market and on down payment or full payment. Don’t go for the housing schemes which are on the corner of the city like Nawaz Gardens or SA Gardens. These are not meant for the people who are living in Lahore’s middle like Gulberg, Ichra, Shadman, Mughal Pura, etc…


More will be next time….

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