Apple Ipad 2 Review

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I’m back with the amazing technology news. I am gonna discuss and give you a review about the latest Ipad 2 that has recently launched. So without wasting the time, i would like you to read the next paragraph. :D


Apple iPad 2



Ipad 2 is smaller and thinner than the previous Ipad. If you look at the screen border, you will see the significant change in the border size. It is thin or you can say that it is shrinked in ipad 2 with about 9.7 inch screen size. One of the best thing in ipad 2 is that it will be in the market with the dual core A-5 chip which means it will be 20% faster than the previous ipad. Ipad 2 processor is about 1.2Ghz with the base storage of 32GB. That is pretty nice in a way that ipad 2 is now with more storage and we can do more with this amazing gadget.

If we talk about the camera. ipad will come with the front and rare face camera. Back camera will be of 720P which will be able to make the high performance HD videos in your ipad 2. 960 X 720 will be the resolution of the still photos. New ipad is now a good form of rich communication in which email, browsing and face talk is improved with some additional features that makes it a super gadget. But ipad 2 has to compete the new tablets which are coming soon like Toshiba Xoom. In new ipad 2, the screen resolution is double which is the one of the core reason of high price. Because if we take the costing of the tablets, screens are the most expensive component of the gadgets. But this makes the screen of ipad 2 much brighter and thinner.

Ipad 2 Smart Cover

There is one more amazing thing that is in ipad 2 is “Smart Cover”. The slim yet sturdy Smart Cover protects your iPad screen without covering up its durable aluminum back. It can be fold back and act as a stand for your gadget so that you could use it in more effective and efficient manner. You can set it in a stand position of in a slope position.


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  1. I totally agree with all your thoughts you said in your post, especially at the middle of your article. Since i own an Apple’s products my self, your post is very useful. Keep up the good work! You’ve got +1 more reader of your blog:) Isabella.

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