Major Budget Allocation Difference

Hello Dear Reader!

Hope you are doing well in your life. Today I am gonna share one of the most important related to the budget allocation in Pakistan. I won’t go broad in this but I will be specified.

One thing that you should know that the total budget of Pakistan is about 2400 Billions. Out of which, 800 billion is straight away taken aside for the installment of interest and 600 billions are for our arm forces. The total budget that is not being used on Pakistani nation is about 1400 billion which is about 60% of the totalbudget. Pakistani arm forces is about 500,000 in numbers. Children are 200,00,000 in Pakistan and education budget is not more than 2 Billion. Now check out the comparison that for 500,000 people, there are 600 billion rupess and for 200,00,000 children, there are only 2 billion rupees. Do you think that we’re going to become the developed country after this situation?

I will write more about it later. Wait for my next post…

Till then, See you and Have a nice day. :D


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