I’m feeling ashamed of being a citizen of the Pakistan whose president is Mr. Asif Ali Zardari

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Hello Dear!

Hope you’re all fine… But i’m not feeling well today. Because of Raymond Davis case. I don’t know why Pakistani Government has done this? I’m feeling ashamed of being a citizen of the Pakistan whose president is Mr. Asif Ali Zardari and PPP. I hate you Zardari. I hate you. You’re so fucking dumb person who is slave of money and wealth. Shame on your birth and shame on you also.

My views about Raymond Davis Case:

What I think that all the things were pre-planned. I have two questions in my mind that are teasing me.

  1. Why the family of Faizan has left the town?
  2. Why the family of Shumaila is cursing if there is an agreement of apologize between both the parties?

Before coming to the above questions, I would like to say something to you people. I have also some issues with the Pakistani people too.

  • Why you people are silent?
  • Why you people don’t care about the things happening in your country?
  • Why you always select the corrupt party in elections?
  • Why you don’t go to the court for your rights?

These are the points which don’t allow me to get the answers of the above mentioned questions. Why we are so numb to come out for ourselves? We can make noise about the inflation for two days and after that, we are consuming the products with no any issues. If you don’t discourage the replica or fake products then how would you go for better things? Same is the case is with Raymond Davis. If we don’t come out today, they will think that we’re numb and they are ready to do anything with us. They will attack on us and they will try to bifurcate our unity. I’m feeling very ashamed of this attitude of our country. There are some news that tells that family of Faizan has taken 200 million rupees for the agreement on letter of apologize. What is this?

My Message To The Family of Faizan:

Listen! If you’re taking money then you’re proving your identity as prostitute who sells herself for the money. Why you made your blood so cheap? Who has given you the right to kill us and to insult us? You people made us cry on our citizenship. When you will change yourself? Do you still think that you’re giving something precious to your country? You people gave the chance to the fucking America to say “Pakistanis can sale their identity for the money”.


Why you made us cheap? Do you think that we’re gonna live a life of positivity? Do you think that we are free nation?

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7 thoughts on “I’m feeling ashamed of being a citizen of the Pakistan whose president is Mr. Asif Ali Zardari

  1. I would really like to say thanks a lot for the job you have made in writing this posting. I am hoping the same perfect work from you later on also.

  2. There is one more thing that i didn’t mention in my post is that the case of Raymond Davis is not the case of only the victims family. It was the matter of the nation. I think when the collective interest is there, then you should avoid your personal interest. Both the families(i think but i’m sure about faizan as per media reports) have been shifted to USA. Is that suitable that a person from USA killed your son and you reside on the same country? How numb you are?

  3. its not the fault of this single man .. the whole system is corrupt it includes all the politicians our so called army, judiciary and the people as well as you and me are the responsible for what is happening to our country . . . .

    1. Yeah. Humari fouj beghairat hai jis nay hamara mulk baich diya. Ayub khan nay darya baich diye aut musharraf kamina hum awam ko baich gaya.

      ..Khawaja Naveed Haider..

  4. Brother this article is written in depth. The main theme of this article is that our president and government is still slave and nation is also the same. There is a saying that “Your ruler will be among you people”. Means jaisy aap waisy he hukamran.

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