Is Human Predictable or Unpredictable

People are really unpredictable. They sometimes cherish you and they also sometimes hurts you deeply. I was thinking about the reason behind it. But fortunately i came to the conclusion that “people are not unpredictable but we predict wrong”. A man is the creature who loves to live and never wanted other to cut your way. Whenever you are ready to do something, there are some internal and external forces which pulls you.

In the internal, there is Satan. Because Satan always tries to rule your mind. Satan will always stop you doing good things because good things are not the requirement. But there are people who pass that difficult exam of their soul. Majority of the people get into the trap of this idiot Satan. Sometimes Satan makes you so lazy to do things. Sometimes it makes you to do the things which are really unexpected for others and then it.

In the external, there are people who are always behind you looking for your actions. People are not happy if you have more and people still are not happy if you have less. Now the problem is on both sides. Now the question is what to do? They want you to be at back and see them. But it is not in the nature of a normal person. So what I found that i really experienced, is that if you have more, pretend yourself as you have few. If you have few, try to get more knowledge. Because you can earn from knowledge. You can have more by giving suggestions and tips.


Though i am not a perfect life teacher but i have some assumptions and findings about it. That’s very simple and absolutely obvious. The simple solution is that you must try to feed those who don’t like you. Because if you feed them by any means, probably they would get a little soft corner in their hearts. But don’t get so sincere as it will hurt you as you will expect more.


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