Game is Game, Not a War

Hello Dear!

Hope you are fine and i pray to God about your good health and life. May you live long.

Today I just want to share a little thought that is Game is Game. There is a concept in India and Pakistan that whenever there is a cricket match between both the countries, the people of both the countries become very aggressive. Thinking of these kind of aggressive people in both the countries is like it is the final game and there will be no game again. Sometimes, media creates so much hype about the game. Like you can see the video given below about the Semi-Final of Pakistan and India in WorldCup 2011.

After view the above video, Just tell me one thing that what could be the purpose of using such aggressive wording for the report? I really don’t like it not just because I am Pakistani. I am not biased in any of my post.

Now look at the Pakistani media report…

After looking at this video, what are your views? Do you think there is kind of harsh attitude in the talk? I don’t think so.

Now I would like to say all my Pakistani and Indian people that please try to make it a game not a war. War is once in a century but game, you play 100 times in a year. Don’t show your extra-ordinary love that makes your muscles pull. I have heard so many times that a man should never expect. Pakistani and Indian teams are highly unpredictable teams in the Cricket and you can expect anything. May be you’re thinking about the victory but your thinking can be wrong. When you expect more, the more you hurt yourself. Calm down and enjoy your game.

Haar Jeet hoti rehti hai mery dost…



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