Please Wake Up Now


The photo you see is recorded as the biggest traffic jam of all time in whole world. The event happened at Beijing, China in 2010 when traffic was struck for almost 20 days. Interestingly, look at the discipline of drivers that they have stopped the cars and vehicles in lines and lanes with a reasonable distance to front cars. Now imagine if such situation arises in Pakistan OR India Or any other under developed Asian countries? Please If you can read and write then you should have sense of traffic too. You won’t get late. If you think that nothing is gonna happen just for your step, then you’re wrong. We only can walk by stepping ahead one by one. Please try to be civilized.
Once Ashfaq Ahmed, the famous writer said “Jo Quom 2 Minute Signal Par Khari Nhi Ho Sakti Woh Apnay Paon Pe Kesay Khari Ho Gi”. (The nation who can’t wait for 2 minutes on a signal, how come that nation will move forward towards the development?)

Always maintain a distance from your front car and drive in line and lane with patience. Always stop on signal, you can be 2 minutes late but at-least you’re never late. This is my sincere advice to all the people in Sub-Continent.


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