Matter of Time

Today I just want to share two beautiful things with you that I had received on my mobile. I really like that and I am very much impressed. I do believe on them also. So the two things are about the matter of time. let’s go for it without any more deviation of words.

  1. A beautiful saying “When Snake is alive,Snake eats Ants; When Snake is dead, Ants eat Snake.” So Time can turn at any time,don’t neglect any moment in life..
  2. If an egg is broken due 2 external force , inside life ends, but you can see if it is broken by internal force, life begins,so the lesson is, Great things always begin from inside. So try 2 make your inside good, lovely & strong & have a Very very charm greetings.

Now let me share a small idea of mine. It can be yours too. Time is the only thing that you cannot get back. Even you can have another life in a way that May God Forbid if you have an accident and you’re safe in it. In this case, God will give you another chance and another life so that you could accomplish the things that are left in your life. It is great honor that you die with all your responsibilities fulfilled. Even a single second that has been passed right now, can’t get back. You’re near to death (nature) every second. So do you think that you have enough time to waste it? It doesn’t mean that you’re sitting idle and it is time wastage. But set a goal and take a path and move on. I’m not a motivational speaker but just an idea that i am trying to give you. :-)

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