Difficult Phase Of My Life – 10th May 2011

Hello My Dear Readers!

These days, i’m passing through many difficult situations and it can be the toughest phase of my life. I can’t expect these are gonna be happened with me. I’m sorry I can’t share all those things with you as those are personal. But the only thing i can say is that you people please pray for me. I never ever tried to hurt anybody but this life is so cruel. I got to understand one thing that I used to listen from my elders “Stones are thrown to the fruitful trees“. But I’m still trying to make myself happy and I always thanks to Allah that he gave me this particular moment that i’m breathing with good health. Thanks to Allah who gave me all the things I needed and in a situation i’m living my life.

I am not in a situation to write anymore. I hope you will pray for me and this is what my gain of life is too. I would be happy if you could extract 10 seconds for me to pray for me. May you all live long. Take care and Bye. Khuda Hafiz.


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