Wake Up Pakistan

I’m so amazed about the people of the beautiful country Pakistan. They always try to elect those people who are always willing to do nothing for them. They make decisions on their emotions and that is absolutely not the right way to make a decision. Mostly, emotions always lead to the wrong decisions. Well! I’ve something to say to you people that why do you elect those people? After bearing full 5 years with them previously in which the only thing they did is to give advices about patience, do you still think that they care for you? What I think is that the relationship between the politicians and the nation is like the family members. In which the members do their jobs and businesses to serve their remaining members and their good living. If they do nothing instead of showing the paths which they never seen, what do you expect from those? For all this discussion, I would like you to ask few questions to your government. Try to analyze them and then try to analyze yourself that what you have contributed in making this country in a shape of your votes.

Ask the government about:

  • What is your performance as compared to the previous government?
  • What is the value you have given?
  • How much money you have saved from decreasing your expenses?
  • What are the steps you have taken to decrease the expenses of the government?
  • What are the main issues you have solved which are not previously solved?
  • What you did for the sake of the good future of the children?
  • How many times you contacted with the nation?
  • How much money you got in to the Pakistan for the sake of good future?
  • How much politicians you have fired due to corruption?
  • What are the things in which you didn’t prefer your self interest?
  • Where is the looted money of Pakistan?
  • What are the benefits you have given to the nation who pay taxes with the hope for good future?

I think that if you get the answer of these question from the government and it give you the answers with complete justification, then you can trust your government or else you’re the responsible for all the bad things which will happen to you. Your vote is the power that these politicians try to snatch from you. Please at least try to think and analyze the situation. I hope that the day isn’t so far when we all will be happy.


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