Sending romantic text messages to say “I Love You”

In the days before cell phones and LCD screens, lovers professed their romantic feelings for each other by dipping quills in ink and penning poetic love letters accented by elaborate script and even the occasional teardrop stain. The most prolific romantics–like the fictional, lovesick Cyrano de Bergerac–spent long hours coming up with romantic ideas and authoring flowery testaments to their objects of affection before sealing parchment with rose-colored wax and sending the correspondence off with a courier as quickly as one could be found.

Old-fashioned romantic love notes . . . with a modern twist!

Whether by horseback, secret delivery in the dark of night, or even tied to the leg of a pigeon, the romantic love letters of long ago overcame obstacles of distance and oppression to reach their objects of affection. While hand-written messages of love are still a necessary and important part of healthy romantic relationships or marriages today, the contemporary romantic no longer needs to order a fresh bottle of ink or keep a courier on hand to deliver sporadic thoughts of love that innevitably pop up during the course of the day.

Some may complain that modern technology has made romance too cheap and easy, but digital innovation, if used sparingly, can help build a better, more romantic relationship with your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband.

Most people today have cell phones, but I’ve met far too many who are hesitant to try text messaging or who think they would have no use for it. Expecially in a romantic relationship, texting can provide an important, unique forum for you and your lover to communicate in a fun new way.

Skip the small talk . . . and get right to romance!

Instead of making a romantic relationship less personal, text messaging can actually increase the amount of communication by allowing couples to express feelings that they wouldn’t otherwise. If, for example, you have a sudden thought at work of a romantic moment you shared recently with your lover, in many cases you won’t have the time or the privacy to call and talk about it. But text messaging allows you to send a very brief, very private message to your lover without anyone around you having a clue.

In addition, text messaging lets us send little romantic sentiments to our lovers without having to surround our message with the empty small talk and uncomfortable pauses that might come with a phone call. Just a few short romantic words are all that are necessary in a text . . . but we would never dream of calling our lover, saying those same few words, then hanging up right away!

Put thought into what you send . . . but don’t overdo it!

So, what kind of romantic text messages should you send to your lover? That’s up to you. You could decide to send a snippet from a romantic poem or a flowery message every day, but often all that’s necessary is a simply “I love you” or “I’m thinking about you.” Even short, sporadic messages like that will show your lover that they are on your mind and help improve your relationship.

One thing to keep in mind, though: it is possible to overdo text messaging. Because it’s so easy to do, it can be tempting to send text after text during boring lulls in your day. Don’t give in to this urge; it can be expensive if you’re paying a few cents per text, and no matter how much in love someone is they can still get annoyed by too much romance. Try to limit yourself to a few romantic texts a day, and you’ll be amazed at the positive difference it makes in your relationship.

So what are you waiting for? Go plug in to a great new way of using technology to add more romance to your relationship today. Get texting!



5 thoughts on “Sending romantic text messages to say “I Love You”

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