I’m introvert

Hello Dear!

Hope you are all fine and enjoying your best moments of your lovely life. Today i am gonna share something related to my personality as the post title suggest. There are people with totally different and magical traits. But I ain’t among those in case of magical. :D

I don’t like to share all the things happening with me. I like to take all them with me. I even don’t like to share my sorrows with my close friends. Because what i think is that why to hurt somebody by your life? I am always willing to do things independently and I don’t want anybody to support me in a way that the one feels pity on me. I want my life by my own means. I don’t want the shoulders of anybody. What I believe is that people who are supporters of their-selves are the real persons. Actually I don’t know what to write more. If I remembered, i would update this post soon. :D Until then, see you and Goodbye… God Bless You. :)


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