What is satisfaction?

Hello Dear!

I know it’s too late and i am blogging after at least two weeks. Actually i was busy in my final semester papers and now i’m over. So without wasting the time in telling you stories, i would like start with my blog. :D

I have heard many people about satisfaction. Some are satisfied and some aren’t satisfied with their lives or anything. What I think is that satisfaction is just the state of mind in which you accept to be happy and satisfy. You don’t need the things which will make you satisfy. If you are happy with what you have, you are satisfied. Let’s take an example. I like BMW car and what economics says that if I get the car, I will be satisfied. But in fact, it doesn’t like that. I really want that car but I never ever put that car on my mind. I am happy with what I have. When you start living your life, you will be satisfied. Always try to be happy in any situation or else it will fall you in depression.

I personally believe that I’m always happy because I don’t have such wishes which covers my mind. It doesn’t mean I have no interest but it means that I am satisfied with what I have right now.


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