Don’t hurt me

Hello Dude!

Hope you are all fine and enjoying the life. First of all I would like to wish all the Pakistanis a Happy Independence Day. May the country proper and pave the way to the new heights of prosperity and success.

Well in this happy day, I would give a private message to someone but it is not private anymore because what I am gonna say is for you too. Remember one thing, if you are closed to anyone whether he or she is your friend, father, mother or anything, you’re very important to him or her. When you’re important, then the other person don’t take you as ordinary and he or she expects a lot more from you. When you’re gonna hurt them, it will definitely leave a blank space in the other filled hearts. Do remember one thing, if you hurt somebody, don’t expect the same respect and level of affection from the person you hurt. Do love them and don’t hurt them. :D

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