Lung Fung Chinese Restaurant

It was the night of 01 December 2011, I was coming from somewhere (I don’t know). While driving, i wish from my mom to have a nice Thai Soup. By passing Kashmir Road near Mall Road, I had seen the Lung Fung Chinese Restaurant. I stopped the car and told me mom to wait here, let me bring the soup. When I gave my card for payment, he said 16% will be charged on it but no charge on cash payment. I was so amazed to listen his conversation and i talked to the owner for the reason and told him that nobody charge this much on card. He straight forwardly said “Lena hai to lo hamain doosroon ka nai pata. Wo sub bhar main jayein” and also he abuses. He was so rude and i was like hating him every second. He thought me as a slave rather than a customer. Then I wrote a tip with the picture on Foursquare. After that I promised with myself not to be there again ever in my life.


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