Warid MMS Settings For iPhone in Pakistan


Hello Dude! I just faced the problem of MMS in my iPhone and I got it resolved. So I just wanted to share the solution for those who can’t send MMS from their iPhone, no matter what model they got. But make sure that this is for Pakistani subscribers only. Warid is also available in Bangladesh and Uganda.

Before setting up your MMS, your internet must be activated from Warid. If you’re not sure, call helpline at 321 from your Warid number.

Now you’re almost done but just few more steps ahead. Go to “Settings” and then tap on “General” and then “Network“. Turn On the “Mobile Data” and then go to “Mobile Data Network“.

Now you are at the final stage. Slide Up and stop at MMS. Now type the following details in their respective field.

APN: mms.warid
MMS Proxy:
MMS Max Message Size: 51200

Now Go back and restart your phone. You are now ready to send MMS messages to your friends. :D


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