SmartR, the contacts management app by Xobni


Hey Guys! What up? Hope you are all fine and enjoying your life.
So today I’d like to inform you about the wonderful application for your IOS, Android and Blackbery device. The name of application is SmartR by Xobni. This application will find all the people you know by reaching your emails, SMS messages and phone calls, and automatically create rich contact profiles for each of them. Each profile includes phone numbers pulled from emails (so you have their digits), updates from LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter (so you know what they’re up to), all the emails you’ve exchanged – and it’s all instantly searchable. It will sync your contacts and profiles from selected social networks and email and will get you what you will be needing.

I’d say that it is MUST HAVE application for your phone

Well you will be needing a Xobni account to get started. And after that you will rock. :) I think you will not lose now any of your contact. Another good news for you is that soon it will be upgraded to sync your iCloud on IOS 5.

Download SmartR for iPhone
Download SmartR for Android
Download SmartR for Blackbery

Do post your reviews to tell Xobni how it made your life easy. :)


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