The ultimate role of a good human

Hello Dear! Hope you are all fine and enjoying your way to amazing life. Today I just want to say something good for the good human being. I will quote a very simple and daily life example about it. A good human should be like a Fruitful tree. The core work of a tree is to give fruits and shadow to the people without any condition. A good human should serve other people rather than enjoying his/her life alone. If the one can’t give fruits to the people, at least he or she should act like a shadow of tree. It is least what a good human should do.

I know what the time we are in and it is the time when everybody is trying to enjoy his life without feeling the pain of others. But remember that only two kind of are remembered.

  1. The one who is good and people like to discuss about his or her personality and the good deeds
  2. The one who is bad and people quote him or her as a bad example of anything.

You must have an aim in your life. Accidently if you don’t have any, just aim “I MUST BE REMEMBERED”….

That’s it…


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