Why I Don’t Like GetGlue Much


There are number of social apps you can have in your cell phone or you can use them on web. But not all of them you use and it isn’t necessoty that you like all too. GetGlue is also a Social Networking website in which you Check-in to Books, TV Shows, Movies and thi gs etc… But my point of this article is slightly different. I use GetGlue on my iPhone but I don’t like it much.

I have some issues using this app loke it doesn’t fulfill my needs. I will discuss two of them here.

In this app, it is slightly hard to add your own Books, Movies, Shows, Channels and things etc… The reason behind it is that this Social Network doesn’t cater the whole world. It will just show you the things of few countries like USA, UK etc… If a person from India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Pakistan or any other country tries to use this app, he/she will left this app soon. So there should be easy adding of thimgs. One more thing is that I personally don’t feel easy with the Check-In syntax of twitter. I don’t hope you will agree with me about it :) But let me know if you feel something about GetGlue.

Why I Still Use It?
I use this app just to Check-In at “Thinking About” and sometimes when I am watching a show on National Geographic. That’s it. I like it’s i tegration with foursquare.

What I’m Expecting;
Just a single sentence “The Solution Of The Above Mentioned Issue”

Have fun…


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