Brain Tumor is Spreading in Tribal Areas Of Pakistan


Brain Tumor is spreading at a high speed in the tribal areas of Pakistan. Many people who belongs to the tribal areas in Pakistan are admitted in the hospital. Experts have said that there are some rays that omits from the blast have affected the lives of the people over there. There are two types of brain tumors. One is Primary Brain Tumor and it can be cured by operation. The other one is Malignant Brain Tumor. In this tumor, there are some cells of Cancer which can affect the other parts of the brain and sometimes other parts of the bodies. The main reason of this type of tumor is Radiation. According to the health report in 2011, they reported 130 affected people. In 2012, the number has been increased by 20%.  According to health experts, the brain tumor is more dangerous as compared to other types of Tumors. If it is not reported early, there could be bad outcomes.

Source: Geo News


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