The Dark & Hidden Side Of India

In this week, Indian Independence Day is observed with traditional Flag Hoisting and Speech ceremony by the Prime Minister of India. In this event, again achievements of this government are highlighted as done by previous governments before.

Indian nation is told about how India is progressing extraordinary and revolution is going to come in every sector.

If we consider the speeches of the Prime Ministers of India, we would come to know that according to their speeches, India has grown too much and among the top countries in the world. But the picture is far different than this. In many speeches, number of projects and schemes are announced that it has become difficult for the policy makers o count them all. In the last session of the parliament, Food Security Bill was introduced. If this bill gets passed, it will be the world’s largest welfare scheme. Under this scheme, 68% of the country’s population will be offered discounted price of Rice (3 INR Per KG) and Wheat (2 INR Per KG). The Food Security Bill reflects that 68% of the population is striving to get Three Meals a Day and the government admits that people are living under the poverty line.

Chief Ministers of various states in India has published many advertisements worth millions regarding their achievements. After reading these ads, you’ll come to know that how India is passing through the economic revolution. Where there’s no revolution, it is about to come.


Indian states like Bihar and Uther Pradesh are claiming prosperity and developments where lawlessness, mismanagement and corruption are considered as the identity. After sixty five years of independence, people are still craving for food, roads and even basic needs of the life.


In this week, the provincial government of Delhi has published an advertisement stating that the per capita income of Delhi is three times higher than rest of the states. It tells us that in Delhi, 70% of the people are living below the poverty line and politicians are claiming this painful truth as success of their government. It also tells us that politicians didn’t pull their people up from the poverty even in 66 years. May be they don’t want to because they play their favorite politics game using them and selling this bitter truth.

Source: BBC Urdu Article

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