Saudi Arab is the biggest threat to the world peace

The role of Saudi Arab and Arab countries is very clear to the world and specially to the Muslim countries around the globe. It is said that they’re responsible for all the bloodshed in the Muslim countries like Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Egypt etc… They’re the cash machine for Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations. They fund them to kill and promote their brand of Islam. Situation is getting worse day by day. They only label their brand as a true Islamic brand rest is garbage for them. They label them infidels and kill them. They should know the killing of a person is equal killing the whole humanity. Their role towards Islamic countries is depicting the bad side of Islam. How can the people of Kaa’ba promote to kill other Muslims on the basis of just they don’t agree with their brand? Saudi Arab is the world’s largest buyer of Ammunition and Weapons. Is there anybody who can ask them for what they purchase this much weapon? To whom they are afraid of? Don’t they know that If Saudi Arab is attacked by anybody, Muslims will stand for them? Then who gave them the right to fund and run Al-Qaeda? According to the document of Wiki-leaks, Saudis are funding Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups in the region. Arab countries should tell the reason giving Financial Assistance to United States and its allies for attack on Syria.

As far as I know about the situation of Syria, I feel and I strongly believe that Arab countries sent Jihadis to Syria to kill people on sectarian basis. Same as they did in Pakistan. World strongly condemn the use of chemical weapons and had used in Syria but not from Government. It is Arab funded Jihadis who fired chemical weapons. There’s a clear video uploaded on the internet in which those Jihadis are injecting chemical to the dead bodies to proof they’re killed by Chemical Weapons.

I have concluded that Saudis and Arab countries are not sincere with Muslims. Because they work for the interest of United States and Zionism. It is clear to the world that these oil flooded states are biggest threat to the Muslims around the world. But what could be the end of doing this all? Next time it’s their turn. Simple…


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