Hands behind Shia Genocide

I’m writing to just let you know that which are the hands behind Shia Killing. Look! In Islam, if two groups are fighting, there is only one martyr. What does it mean? It means the one who martyrs is the one who is on the right path and the other one is wrong.


Now look at the picture and decide who is on the right path. In Karbala, there was the fight between right and wrong, Imam Hussain and Yazid. If you call Yazid a martyr (shaheed), the you must admit that Imam Hussain A.S was on the wrong path. Now any sensible person knows who was right the battle of Karbala.

What Sipah-e-Sahaba want to tell us? Are they descendent of Yazid ibn-e-Muavia (May Allah Curse On Him)?


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