Pakistan E-commerce Market Review and Future of Retail

Now a day, in our Pakistani market, online businesses are increasing. But there are many people who are afraid of shopping online. It is because they have some questions in their mind. What we think is that we’re getting busier in our daily life and we don’t have much time to many of the things. Pakistani people who are using internet on daily basis, they at least try to browse the internet once in a day just to take away their whole day tension. Now the question is that why they log in to the internet? Probably most of the people would say they use internet for social networking, watching videos and searching for their interest on Google. If we do such things, why we don’t go for the shopping on the internet? Question is simple but yet to answer by many netizens.

Many entrepreneurs are trying to offer their mind and dreams to the people through internet. Suppose if a website is selling fake products, do you think it would get more response from people? Absolutely not. You cannot sale fake things as people would bang your company. Now the second part is payment. How would you prefer to pay? Isn’t it easy that you only pay when you received your product at your home or office? The best payment option from our point of view. There are number of other payment options available like Easy Paisa, Bank Deposit, and Money Transfer etc… but what we try is to make you feel safe when making online purchases. Though all are secure payment methods but it is the matter of trust. When you start putting on trust on online market, you will get ease in your life. We do not recommend every website as safe and secure. There could be spammers. You will see many reviews about the website you’re making purchase from. It would help you a lot.

There are lots of Online Stores currently operating in Pakistan like,, and Let’s take an example. A newly launched initiative from Pakistan is JustBabyMart.Com. They’re offering newborn baby accessories like feeding bottles, baby bibs, nipples, pacifiers, training cups, gear items, baby bedding and clothing at market price with free shipping to all over Pakistan and on Cash on Delivery. It is one of the best options for those people who are away from their hometown and really wanted to gift or send their baby’s need without being there. All the products are on just one click away. You click on this, you click on that and then you check out and enter the address to send the goods. You’re done. Even if you’re not away from your hometown and if you’re at office and hate to go to the shops or super market just to buy few things for your baby, it will save your time. They can deliver your products same day.

We all know very well that west is going forward in terms of technology and they are living a very good life. It is all because they follow the latest trends and make smart choices. If we start to shop online, we could see the dramatic change in our life. It is one of the cheapest ways to start your own business and ultimately helps in reducing unemployment. The online retailing market is growing very fast in Pakistan and we think that before it is too late, just move on to the next step. We’re predicting that Pakistani Online Retailing will surely touch the heights of success.


3 thoughts on “Pakistan E-commerce Market Review and Future of Retail

  1. It is great to see the booming trend of online shopping in Pakistan. I have just shopped online from the website you mentioned in to purchase some baby essentials for my grandson and it was a great experience. Due to the nature of my job, I couldn’t shop.

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