Our beloved prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and Charlie Hebdo

There is no doubt that prophet of Islam and blessing for humanity Mohammad (PBUH) is the most complete personality we ever found on earth. I really condemn the publishings of Charlie Hebdo Magazine. And at the same time, I also condemn the attack on Magazine office. There is no doubt, Islam is the religion of peace and humanity. Some of the rotten eggs tries to malign the basic teachings of the most comprehensive and complete religion that is Islam. I would like to explain my point of view (can be wrong) about this whole incident with logics. The first thing is Islam clearly said that killing of a person equals killing whole humanity. Secondly blasphemy was also at the time of Mohammad (PBUH) and after him (During Khulfa-e-Rashidin’s Era). Now just look at the both sides. At one side, Prophet went to the that lady’s home who used to throw garbage on him. She then converted to Islam after seeing this side of Mohammad’s Personality. At the second side, some extremists attacked the magazin’s office and killed many people. Why? Where Islam taught us to take ones life if the one commits blasphemy? Can’t we muslim show them the good picture of Islam and tell the world “We don’t care what you tried to proove by publishing those images. If you believe on him (PBUH) or not, he is still on the first page of The Hundreds book.” That’s totally illogical to kill anybody just because he don’t know about the particular personality. Sometimes, we muslims say bad words about Hindu gods and we don’t feel how much hindus will get hurt. Because for you, Hindu God is false but for them, they are hope to live a life for. Same is the case here. Non-Muslims do not know our beloved prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and they abuse him. We should show his (pbuh) a better picture to them rather than killing and showing extremism. When you do this, you give them the chance to do it again. And unfortunately they did by publishing 30,00,000 more copies. You should expect these reactions on your extremism.

Here I want to say something about the champions of Human Rights. Dear concerned man! Kindly define the difference between Hate Speech and Freedom of Speech. Your silence on this issue makes the world unsafe. Because the feelings of humans are very important and sometimes they become so dangerous. When you play with the feelings of people, remember you will have to pay the price. Life is always going on in a circle. If today we are suffering, tomorrow you would be suffering.

This planet earth is the only planet we can live in. So it is better to spread love and pass our lives with happy moments. Because one day, when we will be taking our last breath, we will recall our life with tears or with smile. Let’s choose the smile again.


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