Starting an online business in Pakistan

World is changing the trends day by day by using latest technologies. Few years back, we used to go outside to shop now it is all done over the small screen. Everything is changing. In USA and UK, online businesses are doing great.
In Pakistan, the trend is changing rapidly. There are hundreds of companies who are doing business online in every sector of life. Whether you talk about clothing, shoes, baby, perfumes, electronics, furniture or anything you can think of. But the thing is that can we be the part of this system? Yes it is very easy. All you need is a computer, a little knowledge of internet and a good product to sell.

How To Sell Online:

To sell online, you can do two things. First you can create your own website and sell. Second is to sell on other websites. But to start, you can go for other websites who sells for you. They will charge a nominal fees or commission and you are all set to take your first flight towards your very own online business. But in between, there are hundreds of questions but answering them all in a single page is little hectic. You can ask me by posting your questions on comments box. I will answer.

First option is creating your own website. It may required you to have a little knowledge of web designing as you will also have to design the logos, banners and product shots. You can start it by choosing any online website creation tool like shopify. They charge you 3000 PKR per month and you’re ready to roll out. Just choose your theme and add products. Rest shopify will do.

Payment and Shipping Option in Pakistan:

Now the question is that how you will be paid? For this, you will have to choose Cash On Delivery (COD) service from any courier company like Leopards Courier, TCS or BlueEx. Remember that in online business, trust and service is more important than anything. When you give bad service, you will hurt your business. When you break the trust of the customer by dispatching a bad quality product, it will also hurt your business. All you need is trust, care and service for your well maintained business. Always prefer good shipping company for your customers. Leopards is best but little expensive. BlueEx is cheap rate wise but a bad service though they are the pioneer of COD in Pakistan. TCS is best but paid. You can also use Pakistan Post VP service where other companies don’t go. There is a complete procedure of everything and every courier company. For Leopards and BlueEx, call their representative and ask for COD account opening. Once your account is created, you can start booking. Payment will be given after a month through checque. Pakistan Post doesn’t require any account opening. Just pack your parcel and fill the VP form.


21 thoughts on “Starting an online business in Pakistan

  1. Well my questiin to you is sir that whic company should i choose for cash on delivery as i am planing to start my buisness online but i had no idea hiw to deliver my stuff to the customer in low price as possible because we dnt have much budget as its only the start so can u help me to choose ???

  2. Thanks for your article sir. Plz let me know: Is there any tax hurdle before we start? NTN is necessary beforehand to start selling via COD or via B2C portals?
    Also, how would u rate Pakistan post, if i am choosing it?
    Thanks again.

    1. There’s no need to get NTN for cod account opening. Secondly i would not recommend Pakistan Post as your primary source of shipment. You should go for StreetEx, leopards, BlueEx or TCS Courier.

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      1. Brother i need to contact you via email of something. i have a alot of questions to ask you about COD. The one and the most important is the same NTN number. Leopards tell me that an NTN number is required for account activation. what do i do?

  3. Brother Whats about Call courier service..
    Im also planning to start a online business but im confused about courier services, which one is cheaper and providing on time delivery.
    And one more thing is there any account opening charges.
    Can we open accounts in all courier companies??
    I’ll be wait for ur full details answer..

    Bilal Shah

    1. Dear bilal! Call courier as per my information uses the network of TCS Courier. So better to use BlueEx Leopards and TCS Couriers for your business. There is no cost of opening an account with them. You can open the account of all courier companies.

  4. naveed taji sb lepord main main ne business start keya but mj uno ne first month he atna zada deduction ker de 56000 business py 10000 above which in cluing 22 suit sale and 8055 charge and g.s.t fuel charges flyer added its become 10000 above deducted i cant how chase velue and other retailors deducted 150 cod service delivery although i experience that 405 each percal i paid and deducted from lepord and those retailers aboce 2000/3000 give opportunity to their customer free delivery and lepord service cateria above 3000 cash handling chrages extra deducted 125 on costly prcie like 3000 above you know designer clothes are low margin starting 250 to 350 if i deducted 425 each suit what i earned?

  5. Hi Mr Naveed, Thanks for the information, i would like to know if I open a shopify store how can I send my product to this store from Pakistan?.As I understand we need to send our product to this store and shopify keeps them in their storage before sending them to our customers/buyers.

    Thanks and Regards,


    1. Shopify provides you an Ecommerce software. It does not need you to send them your inventory. Just sign up and start your online store. But shopify could be a little bit expensive. Because they have monthly charges with sale commissions too. You need to. Have a credit card or MCB Lite card.

      Sent from Alto

  6. Hello, I was looking for people who have Shopify stores in Pakistan and i couldnt find many online that i could reach out to. I went through your blog and it has some very useful articles. Can you please tell me if we can target foreign markets through a store in Pakistan? and how is dropshipping exactly possible here.
    waiting for your response
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Dropshipping is the process that you send your inventory to the dropshipper and when the order comes that email is sent to the Drop shipping company and they handle the delivery on your behalf and vice versa. shopify is very easy to use and very handy software for E-Commerce but it is a bit expensive you have to pay monthly charges Plus fixed amount with transaction percentage from 1% to 3% based on your package. If it would be more easy for me to describe and elaborate if I could know what type of business you want to do.

      Sent from Alto

      1. Hi Naveed, I want to start online business on AMAZON. I want to buy products from China Alibaba and send to Amazon warehouse. Can you tell me 3rd party services which help me in packaging etc as per Amazon policies. Thanks

  7. Brother, i am going to start my online biz very soon inshaa Allah. i need to know which courier is the cheapest in terms of money, and it also doesnt delay the delivery. Moreover, as i mentioned above. Is it necessary to get an NTN number coz leopards courier proposal form has mentioned that “NTN number is required for account activation” i am a bit confused afterwards as it is getting more n more complex before the start of anything. I ll be waiting to hear from you.

  8. Moreover, i want to sell imitation jewelry online. but courier companies like Leopards and TCS continue to reject them as iata rules do not allow jewelry shipping. please lemme know how can i sell it online. coz there are several giants and small sellers in the market selling jewelry.
    Thank you again.

    1. You print the label with customer name number and amount to be collected. Then TCS or any supported courier company deliver the package to the customer and collect the cash on your behalf and after deducting the charges, remaining amount is transferred to you.

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