Brands, Life and our identity

Branded items are the biggest lie in this world. The only purpose is to take some more money from rich people. But at the same time, poor people really affect from this trick. They are being hurt or thought as a low level citizen. It isn’t necessary to hold an iPhone just to show myself an intelligent guy or go to KFC or McDonald’s to show that I ain’t miser. It is not necessary to wear Adidas, versace or Gucci to show that I’m a gentle man or to speak some English words to show that I’m among civilized people. It isn’t like this. And this is not the part of the life that we live in. It is just to show yourself an upper grade human. But in fact, you’re being used by the rich companies.

Yes I wear simple clothes that I buy from common shops to hang out with my friends anywhere where I can feel happy. When I’m hungry, I never hesitate to buy food from roadside stalls.There are some people who can buy whole month grocery in the price of single Gucci’s shirt. There are some people who can cook food for a whole week in a price of my simple burger bough from an air-conditioned restaurant. If you’re using this perception for judging people, you must need someone to fix your brain.


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