My View about Palestine Israel Issue

We all know that Israel is an apartheid state and stole the Palestinian land. There was a time in 1967 when Muslims attacked Israel and that time, they could get the land back but Muslims couldn’t do well. Now It’s been more than 50 years of existing of Israel. If Palestine really want peace and a proper state existence, they should compromise. Because they are weak and Israel is strong. If #Palestine ask for the complete land, it is impossible now. Life is too short, so sort out the problem rather than fighting for the past. Everything that has happened is bad but now there is a time when you cannot change things. Israel was an apartheid state and will be. We should care about the lives of Palestinians. Pakistan should support the proper Two Nation Solution. Muslims who ask for the complete Palestinian land are the one who decide their stuff through emotions.


Our beloved prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and Charlie Hebdo

There is no doubt that prophet of Islam and blessing for humanity Mohammad (PBUH) is the most complete personality we ever found on earth. I really condemn the publishings of Charlie Hebdo Magazine. And at the same time, I also condemn the attack on Magazine office. There is no doubt, Islam is the religion of peace and humanity. Some of the rotten eggs tries to malign the basic teachings of the most comprehensive and complete religion that is Islam. I would like to explain my point of view (can be wrong) about this whole incident with logics. The first thing is Islam clearly said that killing of a person equals killing whole humanity. Secondly blasphemy was also at the time of Mohammad (PBUH) and after him (During Khulfa-e-Rashidin’s Era). Now just look at the both sides. At one side, Prophet went to the that lady’s home who used to throw garbage on him. She then converted to Islam after seeing this side of Mohammad’s Personality. At the second side, some extremists attacked the magazin’s office and killed many people. Why? Where Islam taught us to take ones life if the one commits blasphemy? Can’t we muslim show them the good picture of Islam and tell the world “We don’t care what you tried to proove by publishing those images. If you believe on him (PBUH) or not, he is still on the first page of The Hundreds book.” That’s totally illogical to kill anybody just because he don’t know about the particular personality. Sometimes, we muslims say bad words about Hindu gods and we don’t feel how much hindus will get hurt. Because for you, Hindu God is false but for them, they are hope to live a life for. Same is the case here. Non-Muslims do not know our beloved prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and they abuse him. We should show his (pbuh) a better picture to them rather than killing and showing extremism. When you do this, you give them the chance to do it again. And unfortunately they did by publishing 30,00,000 more copies. You should expect these reactions on your extremism.

Here I want to say something about the champions of Human Rights. Dear concerned man! Kindly define the difference between Hate Speech and Freedom of Speech. Your silence on this issue makes the world unsafe. Because the feelings of humans are very important and sometimes they become so dangerous. When you play with the feelings of people, remember you will have to pay the price. Life is always going on in a circle. If today we are suffering, tomorrow you would be suffering.

This planet earth is the only planet we can live in. So it is better to spread love and pass our lives with happy moments. Because one day, when we will be taking our last breath, we will recall our life with tears or with smile. Let’s choose the smile again.

An Open Letter To European Union

An Open Letter To European Union From A Common Human and Citizen Of This World

If you have problems with Pakistan Hanging terrorists, We invite you to grant them visas for European Countries for permenent stay.

Pakistan is fighting a war against global terrorism and has been forced to take these barbarians. You take these terrorists , fly them in – club class, lodge them in 5 star hotels , get them married , absorb them in your society and look after their human rights. Let us look after the human rights of 60,000 pakistani families who have suffered human losses at the hands of these barbarians.

Please stop your biased decisions and let this only world that is meant for us all be peaceful. If you still confused, please first look at the human rights of palestine and help them to get their rights and land from your illegitimate baby Israel.

Status of Israel’s Law Of Return

I was just randomly googling, then I found an interesting thing that can be share to those who truely belives on truth and humanity aprat from any religion, race etc… It was about Israel’s Law of Return. I am copying and pasting the whole article with the reference link. First of all, we should know what exactly the Israeli Law Of Return says.

Under the Law of Return, anyone with at least one Jewish grandparent or a Jewish spouse is eligible to immigrate to Israel and receive automatic citizenship. According to religious law, a Jew is defined as anyone with a Jewish mother.

The Jewish Agency is part of the parent World Zionist Organisation. It promotes and manages aliyah to Israel, purchases land in Israel and the West Bank through the Jewish National Fund, and plays a key role in establishing and funding the settlements there. The pamphlet shows the increasing aliyah figures from the UK (853 in 2009, a 37% increase from 2008). In effect, UK citizens are being encouraged to live in Israel and also in illegally-occupied East Jerusalem and the West Bank, whose settlements have been established and enlarged in direct violation of international law.

Although Israel is most keen to welcome Anglo-Saxon Jews from the US and UK, Jews from “lost tribes” such as the Bnei Menashe (Children of Menasseh) in India have also been fast-tracked in to subvert the settlement freeze. Even Peruvian Indians were brought in (provided they converted immediately to Judaism) and sent to West Bank settlements. Jewish people throughout the world have an automatic right to Israeli citizenship under Israel’s “law of return”, though many in the US, UK and Australia now are rejecting this right.

Today there are more than seven million Palestinian refugees around the world. Israel denies their right to return to their homes and land – a right recognised by UN resolution 194, the Geneva convention, and the universal declaration of human rights. Further, “an occupier may not forcibly deport protected persons… or transfer parts of its own civilian population into occupied territory” (article 49).

The Foreign Office emphasises that the UK’s “policy on settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem is absolutely clear: Israeli settlements activity is not only illegal under international law, it is also in contravention of Israel’s obligations under the Road Map to Peace and detrimental to the peace process. The prime minister made this point most recently in a letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu of 5 January.”

The Israeli government continues to expand these settlements and encourage immigration in order to consolidate its hold on the occupied territories. The new Jewish-only settlement towns being built by the Jewish National Fund within Israel, in the Negev and Galilee, also continue Palestinian dispossession, by displacing Bedouin in “unrecognised villages”. While Palestinians are being continuously dispossessed, imprisoned in enclaves, and prevented from building to house their families on their own land, Jewish people from any part of the world can be housed anywhere they choose within Israel and West Bank. Precious water resources are used lavishly in the settlements, while drastically limiting Palestinians’ access. Use of the super-highways linking settlements to Israeli cities is denied to Palestinians, and sewage from the settlements is discharged into Palestinian villages and agricultural areas. The settlement freeze is a joke, and is ignored by Israel. It is more a settlement frenzy.

Article Source: The Guardian


Hands behind Shia Genocide

I’m writing to just let you know that which are the hands behind Shia Killing. Look! In Islam, if two groups are fighting, there is only one martyr. What does it mean? It means the one who martyrs is the one who is on the right path and the other one is wrong.


Now look at the picture and decide who is on the right path. In Karbala, there was the fight between right and wrong, Imam Hussain and Yazid. If you call Yazid a martyr (shaheed), the you must admit that Imam Hussain A.S was on the wrong path. Now any sensible person knows who was right the battle of Karbala.

What Sipah-e-Sahaba want to tell us? Are they descendent of Yazid ibn-e-Muavia (May Allah Curse On Him)?

Saudi Arab is the biggest threat to the world peace

The role of Saudi Arab and Arab countries is very clear to the world and specially to the Muslim countries around the globe. It is said that they’re responsible for all the bloodshed in the Muslim countries like Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Egypt etc… They’re the cash machine for Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations. They fund them to kill and promote their brand of Islam. Situation is getting worse day by day. They only label their brand as a true Islamic brand rest is garbage for them. They label them infidels and kill them. They should know the killing of a person is equal killing the whole humanity. Their role towards Islamic countries is depicting the bad side of Islam. How can the people of Kaa’ba promote to kill other Muslims on the basis of just they don’t agree with their brand? Saudi Arab is the world’s largest buyer of Ammunition and Weapons. Is there anybody who can ask them for what they purchase this much weapon? To whom they are afraid of? Don’t they know that If Saudi Arab is attacked by anybody, Muslims will stand for them? Then who gave them the right to fund and run Al-Qaeda? According to the document of Wiki-leaks, Saudis are funding Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups in the region. Arab countries should tell the reason giving Financial Assistance to United States and its allies for attack on Syria.

As far as I know about the situation of Syria, I feel and I strongly believe that Arab countries sent Jihadis to Syria to kill people on sectarian basis. Same as they did in Pakistan. World strongly condemn the use of chemical weapons and had used in Syria but not from Government. It is Arab funded Jihadis who fired chemical weapons. There’s a clear video uploaded on the internet in which those Jihadis are injecting chemical to the dead bodies to proof they’re killed by Chemical Weapons.

I have concluded that Saudis and Arab countries are not sincere with Muslims. Because they work for the interest of United States and Zionism. It is clear to the world that these oil flooded states are biggest threat to the Muslims around the world. But what could be the end of doing this all? Next time it’s their turn. Simple…