Property Websites in Pakistan

I’m a big fan of internet technology when I wanted to do anything like shopping and searching for stuff for me. Because it gives me more power to do something without much hassle. I’m writing this post just to share my recent experience in property websites. I was looking for a rented shop somewhere in Lahore but while searching for it, I faced a serious problem. The problem was that after 5-10 listings, every website showed the properties 3-6 months old. That isn’t fruitful for any of us. There could be a chance that it is not already rented out but my success rate was 0%. I had to face this problem in Lamudi.Pk,, Bastee.Pk and I don’t know whether the property portal sites owners know about this problem or not. There should a system on a website that it automatically deletes this type of properties after sending a confirmation email to the listing owner. It would help us find the right property with less headache. Yes I said headache. Don’t know whether you agree with me about this term or not but it is definitely a headache for me. Because you have to analyze many factors. If I would be the owner of any website like this, I would prefer to add more options in search.


Pak Business Express Train Review

Pak Business Express is a very great idea to recover the image of Pakistan Railways. I heard from lot of people that the train is amazing and up to the mark. I agree this. The train is great but i found something disgusting in it that I will tell you later.

Above all, timing is more important. The train starts its journey from 3:30PM and you will be in Karachi or Lahore (from where the train starts) by 10:00AM next day. You may be in other city by 9:30AM. There is no compromise in it. It will help in promoting the discipline among Pakistan Railways. The waiting lounge in Lahore is a great place that is separate from the main Railway Station’s waiting lounge. But due to Load shedding, the AC’s were not working. There is a canteen inside it where you can buy things like food. You will also find a prayer area within the waiting lounge.

Pak Business Express offers the catering of PC and Marriot Hotel in dinner in which there is one dish of Chicken, Rice, Breads (2 naans), Raita, Salad, Kheer in sweet dish and a soft drink. That is enough for any person. Even some people in train couldn’t eat all the food. In the breakfast, they offer two slices of bread with butter and Jan and two Parathas along with omelet. Hmm enough for you. Tea is served anytime on request and it is delicious.

Seating plan is the worst thing I have noticed. In business class, there should not be four berths in a compartment but there are six berths. That makes the passengers kind of uneasy. In every berth, you can have a soft pillow and a clothing sheet (chadar). In every compartment, there are two switch boards available near the top left berth and right berth. Between them, there is a LCD equipped with almost three Indian movies, songs and some religious stuff. You cannot change the channel as it is in the hands of management what they play in what time. In every coach, you can move out from your compartment and sit outside or you can say you want privacy from your compartment members.

There is Evo Cloud (WiFi) in every coach but it ain’t much reliable or effective. Sometimes, the signal drops or there is no coverage in certain areas. So relaying on their WiFi is not a good idea (to be very honest). They seems helpless in making it good for us.

Bathrooms are good enough and no need any comments. :)

Overall, I found that Pak Business Express scored 8 out of 10. I found them very close to Quality Of Conformance.

Where to invest your money?

Hello Dear!

I have been writing my blog after a long time due to my exams. So without telling you the stories of my life, let me come to to the title of the post. :)

Let me tell you one thing that I hate to invest money in Banks. Because the return on the investment in Banks is just like the quarter of the single slice of the pizza. Look! there is one simple rule of the investment. If you take risk, the return would be higher. More risk more return. Less risk less return. Bank is the one of the safest investment option for many people. But what they give you? Just not more than 12%. What I would like to recommend that you should invest directly into the businesses. What they would give you is more likely to the half of the profit. Small businesses are the good option for investment. Because they are always in need of money and they can run a good cycle of money than the big companies. Minimum profit on import business is 40% which means you would be getting at least 20% return on your investment. But the variation is always there. The minimum profit of manufacturing firms is 80%. You can earn up to 30% which is obviously better than the bank. But mind it that you should always sign a contract of investment. Your investment period should not be greater than six months. If the business you’re going to invest is your friend or trust worthy people, you can invest for more than six months. But remember, don’t get in to the more and more profits. I mean don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

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