Matter of Time

Today I just want to share two beautiful things with you that I had received on my mobile. I really like that and I am very much impressed. I do believe on them also. So the two things are about the matter of time. let’s go for it without any more deviation of words.

  1. A beautiful saying “When Snake is alive,Snake eats Ants; When Snake is dead, Ants eat Snake.” So Time can turn at any time,don’t neglect any moment in life..
  2. If an egg is broken due 2 external force , inside life ends, but you can see if it is broken by internal force, life begins,so the lesson is, Great things always begin from inside. So try 2 make your inside good, lovely & strong & have a Very very charm greetings.

Now let me share a small idea of mine. It can be yours too. Time is the only thing that you cannot get back. Even you can have another life in a way that May God Forbid if you have an accident and you’re safe in it. In this case, God will give you another chance and another life so that you could accomplish the things that are left in your life. It is great honor that you die with all your responsibilities fulfilled. Even a single second that has been passed right now, can’t get back. You’re near to death (nature) every second. So do you think that you have enough time to waste it? It doesn’t mean that you’re sitting idle and it is time wastage. But set a goal and take a path and move on. I’m not a motivational speaker but just an idea that i am trying to give you. :-)


Which created first. Life or death?

This is very interesting question that might be in your mind but in most minds, it does not exist because people don’t care to think about these kind of topics. But one day I had heard a man who was answering this question and it really impressed me.

Let me first create a ground for this question. Suppose you get a job in an organization and you are given a good pay. Now you went to your office and started working there. Then you are told that the pay you will be given is not the actual pay. In this pay, your amount of your cafe, transportation and tea will be deducted. Now what would happen is that you will ask your boss about it and you would say that you had not told me about this before so I won’t accept your offer. Am i right?

Now take the scenerio in my question. If life was created first then we would have the chance to ask our God (Allah) that it is not fair that you had not told us about the death. So it is logically proven that death was created first so that people would not ask or tell that Allah didn’t told us.

One Month Passed Away

Today is 24th of October 2010. One month has been passed away that my father died on 24th Of September 2010. The life is changing day by day. But there is still a gap between me and the sincerity of the father. Can anybody fill this gap? Perhaps i would like to fill it for my family. I have no more words to say.

Enigma Of Life

Today I am missing so many people who were once in my life. I sometimes think that what the life is doing with the people around the world. Life gives the new way to success and paves new ways to failure. Some looses lives and some get births. Everyday people are dying and getting birth. It is happening for what? Is it because of the cycle? There is a long history about it. But one thing that I know and I must share is that to act upon on your religion is what the life is. West thinks religion as a private matter but for the social life, it is totally different from religion. Isn’t it painful to have a dual personalities? But thank to Almighty Allah that I am Muslim. Religion is not my private affair and for all the Muslims, social life is the depiction of private life. No tension no problems. Hey!! I have the whole lecture and will be writing soon about it. So just wait for it… :)

Death Of My Father

inna lillah wa inna ilaihi  rajioon.
inna lillah wa inna ilaihi rajioon.

You can’t even think what i am feeling about the life as my father passed away on 24th September.  It is really shocking for me that I am feeling that now the roof is no more above me. I’m helpless. There’s no shelter. I am scared of the people who were good to us when he was alive. Now those people attacked on us like the eagles.

Message To My Father:

Oh father!!! Look, what the people are doing with me after you. Those people you loved the most now abusing me and insulting you. Who can provide me the shelter like you? Do other really sincere like you? After you, they are looking at me with the hungry eyes. I know you told me that after me, people would hurt you. That’s true and that is what i am facing after you. I can really see the crocodile tears of my relatives.  You made me learned many things. I am proud that you made me learned even after death. I haven’t seen the that much big funeral (janaza) – (جنازہ) in my whole life. You teaches me the real life. You teaches me the sincerity, and help for all other. You teaches me how to care about. You teaches me what  are the things that money can’t buy. You teaches me money is not everything. You’re really a good father who didn’t every hurt me during your life. Now I’m helpless from humans. You didn’t mention the name of that person from whom I can take money like I used to take from you. No one in this world can replace you. Now I am on the bridge in there is disaster at the right side and peace at the left side. Who will hold me? I can’t forget your pains during your ailment. Everybody is appreciating me that i really served you more than the thinking of others. But nobody asks me that how could you die if I really served you. I’m so abashed. Please forgive me. I know you used to pray for me for my servings for you but I am not internally satisfied for what I did. Please be with me in every turn. Now there is no one who can hold me and guide me the right way. People are found so selfish.

May Allah bless you best out of best and give you the best place in heaven. But please do wait for me. I know you are alone here. But I am helpless. I will come to you when the order will come and I will definitely be with you. I will tell you that what people did with your beloved son. I’m shedding tears. Who will wipe them?

Khawaja Naveed Haider

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