Judaism VS Zionism, There’s a difference


Today I’m gonna discuss something important. We as a Muslim believes that we’re bound to respect all the religions in the earth. Because everybody is praying to same God but in their own way. Now let me take you to the main point. In almost every Islamic country, people hate Jews just because of misconception or very little knowledge about the main thing. Judaism is one of the oldest religion and they are the one who hold the Holy Book Of Allah and that is Torah.


Many Muslim countries around the world do not recognize Israel and thinks it is the land of Palestine that Israel has occupied. The thought and founder of State of Israel is Theodor Herzl. He was a Zionist leader and state of Israel is also a Zionist State. There is a clear difference between Zionism and Judaism. Zionism was the movement started about 100 years ago and it is like nationalism. Meanwhile, Judaism is something else. It is a complete religion. Some of the Rabbis call Israel a Zionist State and they do not support Israel. According to Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss, creating a separate state is not allowed in their religion. It means, that true Jews do not support Israel. Because they think that What Israel is doing is nothing to do with Judaism. He further said that Jews had lost the right to claim a separate state 2000 years back. You can see the complete interview of this Rabbi by Clicking Here.

Judaism Basic Belief:

One of the basics of Judaism is that we are a people in exile due to Divine decree. Accordingly, we are opposed to the ideology of Zionism, a recent innovation, which seeks to force the end of exile. Our banishment from the Holy Land will end miraculously at a time when all mankind will unite in the brotherly service of the Creator.

Definition Of Zionism:

Its general definition means the national movement for the return of the Jewish people to their homeland and the resumption of Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel.


Jews Against Zionism

Look at the main difference. Religious Jews says that Zionism is completely against the Teaching of Torah and God forbids us to create a state. Some of them call Zionism as the Blasphemy Act. So we should understand the main difference between Judaism and Zionism. Jews are being targeted same like Non-Muslims think about Taliban activities as Islamic activities.

For the Muslim, the land of Palestine is third holiest place. Because it was our first Qibla. The purpose to write this post is just to tell that Judaism should not be linked with Zionism. It is totally a different thing. We as a Muslim should respect Judaism. Muslims and Jews both are linked from Hazrat Ibrahim A.S. If we see this, we’re brothers. We need to think beyond the Race, Religion etc… for the peace in the earth. For this I would like to quote some verses from Holy Quran. It preaches equal love for all, equal respect for all, and equal faith in all.

No Compulsion in Religion: (Source)

“We have truly shown him the way; he may be thankful or unthankful” (76:3).

“Clear proofs have indeed come to you from your Lord: so whoever sees, it is for his own good; and whoever is blind, it is to his own harm” (6:104).

“If you do good, you do good for your own souls. And if you do evil, it is for them” (17:7).

I condemn the State Of Israel but not Jews. Because religious Jews think that What Israel is doing is nothing to do with their religion. It is not Judaism.

Now the question is that why they’re getting strong. Look at the example of Pakistan. China is one of the best friend of Pakistan. There is no doubt. China has invested in Pakistan in almost every sector like Telecom, Engineering, Defence, Services etc… Pakistan can never tolerate anything negative against China. Same is the case is with China. Pakistan is a good friend of China too.

Israel and USA are the best friends. USA has invested billions of dollars in Israel and Israel is also supporting USA in defense sector. In United Nation, (I call it so called) USA has a veto power. This country also has the benefit that their biggest ally, the USA, will veto any serious resolution against them preventing any action from being carried out. We can’t do anything. They use the force of the UN and the security council when they require moral legitimacy to go to war yet they are prepared to ignore or circumvent it when votes don’t go their way. Then I must say that United Nations is the organization which is formed to protect the interests of United States. Israel has broken hundreds of UN Resolutions but nothing goes wrong in their way. I must hopelessly say that I am unable to see the good future of Palestine. They’re trapped by two Good friends despite of having 50+ Islamic countries in the world. Isn’t it hopeless?


This to to remember that the whole article is my point of view towards Judaism. I will again say that I am against state of Israel which is a Zionist state and they occupied that land. And as a Muslim, Islam told us to respect every religion. I respect Judaism as a RELIGION. Because they also pray to that same God which is Allah. Palestinians are killed by Zionist and being expelled from their land and it is human rights violation from Israel.

If you’re interested to read about some more cool thing about Kosher, the dietary law of Jews just for the sake of knowledge, you can read my other post by Clicking Here. :) I don’t know why I feel insecure after writing this post. May be people may take me otherwise like agent. But I know what, why and how I’m writing this. I hope you will understand what I actually wanted to say.


Major Budget Allocation Difference

Hello Dear Reader!

Hope you are doing well in your life. Today I am gonna share one of the most important related to the budget allocation in Pakistan. I won’t go broad in this but I will be specified.

One thing that you should know that the total budget of Pakistan is about 2400 Billions. Out of which, 800 billion is straight away taken aside for the installment of interest and 600 billions are for our arm forces. The total budget that is not being used on Pakistani nation is about 1400 billion which is about 60% of the totalbudget. Pakistani arm forces is about 500,000 in numbers. Children are 200,00,000 in Pakistan and education budget is not more than 2 Billion. Now check out the comparison that for 500,000 people, there are 600 billion rupess and for 200,00,000 children, there are only 2 billion rupees. Do you think that we’re going to become the developed country after this situation?

I will write more about it later. Wait for my next post…

Till then, See you and Have a nice day. :D

Do we really need change in our life?

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Hope you’re fine and enjoying your life… Now it is time to think about what is the title says and click in your mind? Anyways, i’m here to tell and give a rest to your mind. I won’t mind if you do so. :-)

Today I want to discuss about the changes you will need to adopt. There are only two things that you can do. Either you change the things or adopt the existed changes. There are two environments in our life of every field. One is external and the second is internal. You can change somehow the internal environment but you cannot change the external environment. You cannot carpet the roads if you don’t like to walk on it bare footed. But you need to put on shoes. Well you’re not a prince or a king that people would allow to make your own rules. So what you need is just to change yourself according to situation. Never ever make yourself habitual of the things you do. Like if you are smoking, don’t make yourself habitual. Another example is that if you sleep in the AC, don’t make yourself habitual. May be there comes a time when you will not be facilitated by the AC.

Now here is the question that do we really need a change in our life? What my point of view is that “Yes! We need change in our life.” At least I can say that i can survive in every environment. Because i am not habitual of the things. If I don’t have the access to the internet, i can go without it. If I don’t go to the KFC, I can visit a small burger shop, if i don’t even afford a burger from a burger shop, I can resist myself from not eating such things that I cannot afford.

Can you change with the environment?

Twitter VS Facebook

Twitter VS Facebook

Hello Darling :-)

How are you all and I hope that you are all enjoying your life with full ease and enthusiasm. Hey… Today I am gonna discuss something very crispy and social. Hahahaha…. Ya you can guess the topic from the title. What do you like by the way? Twitter or Facebook? Mostly people like Facebook just because of its rich multimedia and user friendly features. But I personally don’t like Facebook much just because of its this feature. Isn’t it amazing? Twitter cannot be said as the complete social networking website but it is a micro blogging website where people usually blog about their thinkings and activities that they are doing in their lives. So I want to share my one update and that is fact and that is

I update my Facebook, MySpace, Google Buzz, LinkedIn and Yahoo account from Twitter.

You already know that I am more social but it becomes impossible for me to update my all accounts one by one. So what i use is a micro blogging website and it is none other than Twitter. Twitter is just a simple website let’s you share you ideas and thinkings so if people like it, they easily share by retweeting it. You don’t need to send a friend request and you are up with many things of the member. There is one more fact about Twitter and that is:

Celebrities are more likely to use twitter to interact with their fans.

That’s true you know? Ok.. Let’s come to the Facebook. Facebook is i told you already a rich graphic SOCIAL NETWORKING WEBSITE in which you must have to send a friend request in order to keep updated about the person and you have to fill your complete profile with likes and dislikes, movies and music etc… Young generation uses Facebook more than the aged people. If I talk about the Pakistani situation, people are not much aware of Twitter and there are very few people who uses twitter rather than Facebook. You can’t imagine that I found some Pakistani People after one year. Don’t try to laugh at me. Hahahaha…

Now let’s try the views of others about Facebook and Twitter. Please read this very carefully it will really help you in making good decision and convincing others :-)

Why People Love Facebook

Facebook appeals to social animals and can be very addicting to people who have an insatiable appetite to stay connected with friends and make new acquaintances. In fact, some people report they rarely use email or IM tools anymore in their online social communications anymore, relying almost entirely on Facebook for email, chat, image and video sharing.

Facebook addicts prefer the social portal model versus having to log into AIM, Yahoo Messenger, Gmail, Hotmail, Flickr, YouTube, MySpace, etc. Instead, Facebook gives them a single alternative to all these applications, with one login and interface to manage their online social interaction needs. This largely explains the explosive growth Facebook continues to experience and why the company reportedly invested $200 million in data center upgrades last year to keep up with demand!

Why People Love Twitter

The usefulness of Twitter is not readily as obvious to some people as Facebook; although it may be more addictive once you get the hang of Tweeting; you get more immediate responses and it seems to live somewhere between the worlds of email, instant messaging and blogging. Twitter encourages constant “linking out” to anywhere and, in that respect, is more analogous to a pure search engine; another way to find people and content all over the Net.

Twitter has quickly built brand awareness and a loyal following, especially among the technically adept; bloggers, online marketers, evangelists, basically anyone with something to promote seem to find Twitter extremely valuable.

When asked why they love Twitter, users say like “I can ask a question and get an instantaneous response”. They crave the ability to “tap into the collective consciousness” of others on the network, bouncing ideas off others with whom they would otherwise have no means of connecting. Twitter addicts claim it’s like the old fashioned water cooler, where people can gather to shoot the breeze on whatever topic is on their minds. Twitter is like a communications stream you dive into for an invigorating swim.

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