The ultimate role of a good human

Hello Dear! Hope you are all fine and enjoying your way to amazing life. Today I just want to say something good for the good human being. I will quote a very simple and daily life example about it. A good human should be like a Fruitful tree. The core work of a tree is to give fruits and shadow to the people without any condition. A good human should serve other people rather than enjoying his/her life alone. If the one can’t give fruits to the people, at least he or she should act like a shadow of tree. It is least what a good human should do.

I know what the time we are in and it is the time when everybody is trying to enjoy his life without feeling the pain of others. But remember that only two kind of are remembered.

  1. The one who is good and people like to discuss about his or her personality and the good deeds
  2. The one who is bad and people quote him or her as a bad example of anything.

You must have an aim in your life. Accidently if you don’t have any, just aim “I MUST BE REMEMBERED”….

That’s it…


Simple Rule To Success

Hello Dear Readers!

Hope you are fine and enjoying your life… Today I am gonna share something very important with you guys. That is the rule to achieve success in your life. This is the rule told my father to me again and again to me and insisted me to follow. That simple rule is meant for everybody in the society. Whether he/she is doing business, job, social work or a house-wife. The golden name for that rule is “Clear Intention”. The only thing you have to do with your mind set is to apply a clear intention about your work. It is 101% true rule to success as I have seen many many people following this rule and are successful including my father.
If there is a business man and he has a intention that he has to earn maximum profit. But I don’t think it is a good intention. Because it is for him only. He is concerned with himself. He’s busy in ignoring others. He should say like “I want to earn maximum profit so that I could help my relatives or needy people more.” This is a true and clear intention. Remember, there is a hadith (saying of Prophet PBUH) “Actions are judged by Intentions” and then rewards are given accordingly.

I think I should little elaborate it. So here is an example of Billionaires. One is Bill Gates who is busy and have a keen interest towards the social welfare. Though he is not in Microsoft but still he is earning. Just because of his good intentions towards humanity. God is with him and God is using him for this noble cause.

You must have heard the name of Warren Buffet (second richest person on earth) who had given his 80% wealth as a charity. It is a huge deal if one can imagine. His company is still creating records in businesses. What is all behind it? Just a good intention. If you think good, God helps you. If you think otherwise, God let’s you to achieve your goal by yourself. There is a slight difference. When you think good, God pushes you. When you think bad, God let’s you to move on by yourself.

When you are going to sleep :)

The time span of 24 hours is a time in which you are limited to complete your work. But if i talk about the peace, then the best time according to me is when you are finally go to bed after the all day exertion. When you lay down on your bed, you feel like that world is full of peace and now i am going to plan what i am supposed to do in this world. I personally think (i don’t know whether i am right or wrong), that the right time of thinking and decision making is when you go to bed and lay down. Because it is that peaceful time when you finish all your work and ready to relax your whole body, soul and mind. I used to plan many things and many many things comes in my mind that i would do this, i would say this to her, i would go there and bla bla bla.. ha ha ha… But believe you me, that time is such a time when you’re completely relaxed. Specially in summer when your AC is switched on and you’re pooped after the lot of work. Hey hey hey… don’t think of tension during this time. Just relax and recall your good and memorable moments and then see the magic what would happen in your mind and heart. Sometimes you laugh, sometimes you will amaze and sometimes you will cry.

** Khawaja Naveed Haider **