The Dark & Hidden Side Of India

In this week, Indian Independence Day is observed with traditional Flag Hoisting and Speech ceremony by the Prime Minister of India. In this event, again achievements of this government are highlighted as done by previous governments before.

Indian nation is told about how India is progressing extraordinary and revolution is going to come in every sector.

If we consider the speeches of the Prime Ministers of India, we would come to know that according to their speeches, India has grown too much and among the top countries in the world. But the picture is far different than this. In many speeches, number of projects and schemes are announced that it has become difficult for the policy makers o count them all. In the last session of the parliament, Food Security Bill was introduced. If this bill gets passed, it will be the world’s largest welfare scheme. Under this scheme, 68% of the country’s population will be offered discounted price of Rice (3 INR Per KG) and Wheat (2 INR Per KG). The Food Security Bill reflects that 68% of the population is striving to get Three Meals a Day and the government admits that people are living under the poverty line.

Chief Ministers of various states in India has published many advertisements worth millions regarding their achievements. After reading these ads, you’ll come to know that how India is passing through the economic revolution. Where there’s no revolution, it is about to come.


Indian states like Bihar and Uther Pradesh are claiming prosperity and developments where lawlessness, mismanagement and corruption are considered as the identity. After sixty five years of independence, people are still craving for food, roads and even basic needs of the life.


In this week, the provincial government of Delhi has published an advertisement stating that the per capita income of Delhi is three times higher than rest of the states. It tells us that in Delhi, 70% of the people are living below the poverty line and politicians are claiming this painful truth as success of their government. It also tells us that politicians didn’t pull their people up from the poverty even in 66 years. May be they don’t want to because they play their favorite politics game using them and selling this bitter truth.

Source: BBC Urdu Article

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Haram Way Of Animal Slaughter

This post is specially for the Muslims. I just wanna ask you that have you ever thought that the Halal way of slaughtering animal you know, what could be and how could be the haram way? In this video, you will notice that in non-Muslim country, how the mutton could be slaughtered and it is not allowed to eat.

Man kidnaps neighbour’s kid to gift wife a house

Mumbai: A 33-year-old unemployed man, who recently got married to a girl in Sangli, kidnapped his neighbour’s 14-year-old son and demanded Rs 35 lakh as ransom, allegedly to impress his wife by gifting her jewellery and a house.

According to the police, on Saturday evening Hemant Sanghoi asked his neighbour Sajjan Bind’s son Arun to accompany him for an outing for a few days. Arun readily agreed as he knew Hemant since his childhood. Hemant took the boy to Sangli where he stays with his wife.

In Borivli, when Arun’s parents didn’t receive any information about the boy, they lodged a missing complaint at the Kasturba Marg police station.

“The boy’s parents didn’t know he was with Hemant so they searched for him everywhere. When they realised that Hemant too was missing, they complained to the police,” said an officer attached to the Kasturba Marg police station.

“On Monday, Hemant rang up Sajjan Bind’s number and demanded Rs 35 lakh as ransom at the earliest if he wanted his son return safe and in one piece,” he added.

The moment Arun’s family received the ransom call, the police traced down the number of the kidnapper. “We traced the call to Sangli, so we soon informed our counterparts there. They traced Hemant and the boy. The accused had apparently kidnapped the boy to buy his wife jewellery and a house with the ransom money,” said the police officer.

He added that the accused thought a kidnapping bid would gain him easy money. Hemant thought Arun’s father, a plumbing contractor, is a rich man and would do anything to save his son’s life.

Rajendra Dhavade, DCP, Zone 12, said that they had traced the caller within three hours of the ransom call. “We solved the case with the help of the Sangli police as soon as the kidnapper called the boy’s family. Now, we are ferrying the culprit and the boy to Mumbai.”


Please Wake Up Now


The photo you see is recorded as the biggest traffic jam of all time in whole world. The event happened at Beijing, China in 2010 when traffic was struck for almost 20 days. Interestingly, look at the discipline of drivers that they have stopped the cars and vehicles in lines and lanes with a reasonable distance to front cars. Now imagine if such situation arises in Pakistan OR India Or any other under developed Asian countries? Please If you can read and write then you should have sense of traffic too. You won’t get late. If you think that nothing is gonna happen just for your step, then you’re wrong. We only can walk by stepping ahead one by one. Please try to be civilized.
Once Ashfaq Ahmed, the famous writer said “Jo Quom 2 Minute Signal Par Khari Nhi Ho Sakti Woh Apnay Paon Pe Kesay Khari Ho Gi”. (The nation who can’t wait for 2 minutes on a signal, how come that nation will move forward towards the development?)

Always maintain a distance from your front car and drive in line and lane with patience. Always stop on signal, you can be 2 minutes late but at-least you’re never late. This is my sincere advice to all the people in Sub-Continent.

Game is Game, Not a War

Hello Dear!

Hope you are fine and i pray to God about your good health and life. May you live long.

Today I just want to share a little thought that is Game is Game. There is a concept in India and Pakistan that whenever there is a cricket match between both the countries, the people of both the countries become very aggressive. Thinking of these kind of aggressive people in both the countries is like it is the final game and there will be no game again. Sometimes, media creates so much hype about the game. Like you can see the video given below about the Semi-Final of Pakistan and India in WorldCup 2011.

After view the above video, Just tell me one thing that what could be the purpose of using such aggressive wording for the report? I really don’t like it not just because I am Pakistani. I am not biased in any of my post.

Now look at the Pakistani media report…

After looking at this video, what are your views? Do you think there is kind of harsh attitude in the talk? I don’t think so.

Now I would like to say all my Pakistani and Indian people that please try to make it a game not a war. War is once in a century but game, you play 100 times in a year. Don’t show your extra-ordinary love that makes your muscles pull. I have heard so many times that a man should never expect. Pakistani and Indian teams are highly unpredictable teams in the Cricket and you can expect anything. May be you’re thinking about the victory but your thinking can be wrong. When you expect more, the more you hurt yourself. Calm down and enjoy your game.

Haar Jeet hoti rehti hai mery dost…