Property Websites in Pakistan

I’m a big fan of internet technology when I wanted to do anything like shopping and searching for stuff for me. Because it gives me more power to do something without much hassle. I’m writing this post just to share my recent experience in property websites. I was looking for a rented shop somewhere in Lahore but while searching for it, I faced a serious problem. The problem was that after 5-10 listings, every website showed the properties 3-6 months old. That isn’t fruitful for any of us. There could be a chance that it is not already rented out but my success rate was 0%. I had to face this problem in Lamudi.Pk,, Bastee.Pk and I don’t know whether the property portal sites owners know about this problem or not. There should a system on a website that it automatically deletes this type of properties after sending a confirmation email to the listing owner. It would help us find the right property with less headache. Yes I said headache. Don’t know whether you agree with me about this term or not but it is definitely a headache for me. Because you have to analyze many factors. If I would be the owner of any website like this, I would prefer to add more options in search.


I’m tired of Wi-Tribe

I am your customer from Shadman Market Lahore and I am never given a
better worth 1MB connection speed from the day one. I am tired of your
customer support phone calls and your false satisfactions. In the
whole shadman, there is a coverage and high utilization issue. Then
why the hell they’re selling new connections? Why don’t you set up any
thing to boost up the internet speed to sync with high utilization
when your people are clearly saying it is high utilization area? Just
tell me that would you pay for the broken eggs? I am paying you for
1MB and I am experiencing 0.1 to 0.4MB speed from day one. Please
address the clear known issue or tell me I would be happy to return
this headache.

Internet in 60 Seconds

Hey Guys! Hope you are fine and enjoying life. Do you know what you have just left 1 minute before? Here is the picture and take a look. I am sure you will be amazed. :)


I think now you have spend at least two minutes in this page and you know what has been done at your back? Do you know how much information has been added and how much pages has been updated? Think about it and try to be a part of it. Or else time will throw you away..