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Hi Guys! Hope you are all fine and oh wait… Happy Eid-Ul-Azha Mubarak to all. This is the first day of Bakra Eid 2016. So now let’s come to the point. There is a boom of cab service you can find in Pakistan especially in Lahore. I have already explained the way you can book a ride on them easily and  in less price. It includes Albayrak ATaxi, Careem, Uber and EasyCab. Now the question is that many people are asking me for a link to Careem Partner App that they cannot find on the internet. Here I will give you the link careem partner app but it would be useless if you’re not registered with them. Because it asks for mobile number registered with it and pin code that will be set after your first sign in. Anyways, even then I am going to share you an android app apk with you. Not for iOS as of today.

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IOS 5 Review

Hello Dear Reader!
I know my post is late about IOS5 Review. I was actually having a busy schedule and i was also testing this innovative IOS. ;)

Apple has unveiled the next iPhone 4GS. Not only will it be faster and have an upgraded 8 megapixel camera, but it will be powered by iOS 5.

The most important feature is IOS5. It is what we are all waiting for. But unfortunately, there is a bad news that it won’t be Untethered Jailbreak as per rumors and discussions being held digitally.

Now let’s come to some of the most important features of the real IOS5 :)

Notification Center:
Well it i most stunning feature in IOS5 but isn’t new for Android users. You can manage your apps to display the notifications on notification center by swiping down from the top of the screen. Weather, Stocks, Facebook, Twitter or Foursquare. You can add more apps to.

Here’s the biggie. Users can take advantage of the Cloud with wireless backup and restore. As previously mentioned, iOS 5 will also automatically sync and backup to iCloud every time users plug in their phone to recharge and look for updates. Images, videos and files are also backed up to the Cloud and synced down to other iOS devices as well as your PC via iTunes.

Twitter is built-in in IOS5. Now you don’t need to toggle between the apps to share your favorite websites, pages, photos or videos. Just go to menu and tap tweet. All is just one tap away.

Enhanced Contacts:
Now you can add the social network usernames of the person in your contacts too. By tapping the account, you will be taken to the page. You can also add the relations. Its contact feature acts like a CIA Agent which keeps everything about the person. :)

Enhanced Camera & Photos Feature:
Now you don’t need to tap the Capture button on your screens. You can take snaps and make videos from Volume Up button (+) of your iPhone or iPod Touch. It could be the most stunning feature for iPhone 3GS users. You can also edit pictures in your IOS Device. One more thing is that you can also now make albums in your device.

IPod Music:
The best feature in this head is tht now you can delete your songs and videos write from your device. Just swipe left or right on the song and delete.

Now you can use custom tones. You can choose any ringtone for SMS, Alert, Tweet, Or any other tone available. That’s amazing. You can go like Nokia in this feature. :)

IOS Dictionary:
You are reading and don’t know the meaning? No Problem!!!! Just select the word and tap on “Define” to know the meaning. Users of Samsung Galaxy Tab are already experiencing this feature.

What is Suck in IOS5?
Well I have songle sentence and that is

IOS5 is amazing …

I have only one problem with this version and that is Heavy Battery Drainage. :( …….. IOS5 uses more battery than any previous IOS versions. It is all because of mostly Notification Center and iCloud. To prevent this thing, try to manage only most important notifications in it. I use only Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare in Notification Center. You better know what to do or not. Rest is up to you.

I will blog more about this soon. Stay with me. :)

Jailbreak For IOS 4.3.5

Hello Dear!

Hope you are all fine and enjoying your techy life with revolutionary product of Apple which is not other than iPhone. :D

Well let’s get to the topic. I recently bought iPhone 4 and it is not jailbreak. My iphone has IOS 4.3.5 which is the latest version to the date August 8, 2011. It was also my question and may be yours that how could we jailbreak IOS 4.3.5 so the answer is simple and to the point which is:

It cannot be untethered jailbreak so keep yourself away from updating your software to 4.3.5

Well I’m sorry to say but may be you will hurt to read it but it is confirmed by the one of the iphone developers team @MuscleNerd ….

But I have the good news for you guys. You can do the tethered jailbreak. Now the point is that what is tethered and untethered jailbreak?

Tethered Jailbreak:

In this kind of jailbreak, you will need a computer connection every time you reboot your device or even when it switched off and you switch on it using the jailbreak application. That is kind of frustrated but it is the only way you can jailbreak your IOS 4.3.5 but you can still remove your jailbreak by restoring the original settings from iTunes software.

Untethered Jailbreak:

It is the best jailbreak option in which you don’t need a PC connection to boot or reboot your device in any case. It only needs the initial processes and that’s final. In IOS 4.3.5, this jailbreak is not supported and it will never come.

Now i will let you know how you can tethered jailbreak your 4.3.5. Remember, you will need the latest iTunes version for 4.3.5 devices. For this, you will need to install an additional software which is RedSnow (RedSn0W). It is the software which will help you in jailbreaking your ios 4.3.5 device. It works for 4.3.5 iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod Touch 4G, 3G, iPad 1. Have Fun :D

I would like to give you the links of important files that you will be needing to jailbreak your device and rest of the process you will be able to see in the video given below.

Watch the video about How to jailbreak your IOS 4.3.5 Device