Guide For Getting a better taxi ride in Lahore

The general environment of Lahore is changing day by day. People are getting more techy because of the recent IT boom in the city. There are more IT companies are being registered in Punjab as compared to other provinces of Pakistan. It is the proof that Punjab Information Technology Board is very serious about getting a better and smart lifestyle to its citizens. Due to increased population of human and vehicles, people are becoming tired of driving their cars on the roads just because of rush and some psychological issues.

Let’s come to the Taxi Business in Lahore. There are 3 major Taxi companies in Lahore. These are Careem (Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad), Uber (Lahore, More Cities Soon) and A-Taxi (Lahore). All have the nose to nose tough competition in getting a market share. But make sure that those companies who are linked with IT industry will get more market share. Careem and Uber are all set and working through mobile platform where as A-Taxi is not.

When you are ready to move anywhere through taxi, you first compare the prices. So this guide will help you in getting a cheap and comfortable taxi and some tips also.

If we compare the tariff of these companies, Careem is a bit expensive than A Taxi and Uber. Uber is cheaper than Careem.

How To Choose Cheaper Taxi?

There are 2 ways you can book a ride for your within city trip. One is through the company’s app and second is to call on their hotline. A Taxi and Careem can book you a taxi through its hotline number where as Uber doesn’t allow it. You will have to use its app to call the taxi.

Booking a ride through hotline:

You can call Careem at 042-111-CAREEM and for A Taxi, you can call 042-111-961-961.

Booking a ride through mobile app:








Not Available





A Taxi

Not Available

Not Available

Not Available

How To Sign UP?

Click Here for signing up to Careem. Click Here to singing up to uber.

Fares and Tariff:

In regular tariff, uber is more cheaper than Careem. If you have a Careem promotion code, then it becomes cheaper than Uber. So always check for the Careem Promotional Codes before booking any of two rides. For the promotional code, you can sign up for Careem newsletters. The email you the codes that can make your ride more cheaper. In Uber, if it is your first time to take a ride, please call the person who have already uber installed in their phone and account is active. Ask him to provide you his personal invitation code. Apply that code in your uber app’s Promotion page and you will get a first ride free worth up to 500PKR. After your complete ride, your friend will also be rewarded. To find your personal invitiation code, click here and share it with your friends so that you could also earn more free rides.

Careem’s Business and Economy Rides:

Minimum fare for Careem economy is 200 and business is 250. Sometimes using a promotional code, your business ride can be less in price than economy. So make sure that you check your fare both in business and economy and do put your promotional code. Promotional codes do not work on Economy rides.


Tips For Using Uber:

  1. Do not let your driver wait as it costs you.
  2. When taking a free ride, do not cancel the ride FOR ANY REASON if your ride has been accepted.
  3. Some people cancels the ride when they see a small car is coming to them. Make sure it will lose your free trip. So beware.
  4. Uber accepts cars from 1000CC to onward and the car is not old enough. So don’t worry.
  5. Uber’s cars are always good in AC. If you get a malfunctioning AC in your car, you can complain to them on their twitter or facebook account.

Example of Getting A Ride

I would like to go from Liberty Market to Shaukat Khanam Hospital in Johar Town.

Total distance is around 14KM if I go by Canal Bank road. Make sure we have Careem’s promotional code which makes your 2 rides at 50% discount. The code is STUCKPAK. For uber, we have friend share code that makes your trip totally waive off until 500 PKR. And A-Taxi doesn’t give discounts.

Below is the simple chart for better understanding.

Careem Uber A-Taxi
Regular Fare (PKR) 481-553 320-393 Around 500
Discounted Fare (PKR) 240-276 0 Not Available
Distance 14KM 14KM 14KM
  • Bases on the above chart, we can see that if you have a free ride available in your uber account, it is best option
  • If you don’t have a free ride available in uber then you must check your email for this month’s promotional code of careem. You can contact them via facebook and twitter for more.
  • If you have a careem code, It is best option among three.
  • If you don’t have a careem code and a free ride, then Uber is more cheaper than other two.

Based on my personal experience of Uber and Careem, I like both the services. But I prefer Careem because it is more professional than Uber. I will not recommend A-Taxi because I can’t guide them the way actually I am on the phone. Because they don’t have an app for this.

I hope someday there will be an app which will compare the fare of Careem, Uber and any third company. Anyone who creates it, please remember my this post as this is my idea and label me the co-founder. :)



Shadman CNG

It is fourth time in Shadman CNG I think, that the Gas Filler Man takes the CNG Stopper/Nozzle out to fill up the Gas and after that, they don’t fix it again and says “Sir You don’t have the stopper. Will you buy it?” This is what they idiot people do with the car owners who come to their station. This is truly a low level CORRUPTION and unethical attitude. I can easily go to the Police Station with evidence and file a case but I didn’t do that just for one private reason.

I’ve been told that the owner of Shadman CNG Lives out of country (probably USA) … This is my request to him that kindly assist your staff and save your business or else people have different options to take action against your business.

Lung Fung Chinese Restaurant

It was the night of 01 December 2011, I was coming from somewhere (I don’t know). While driving, i wish from my mom to have a nice Thai Soup. By passing Kashmir Road near Mall Road, I had seen the Lung Fung Chinese Restaurant. I stopped the car and told me mom to wait here, let me bring the soup. When I gave my card for payment, he said 16% will be charged on it but no charge on cash payment. I was so amazed to listen his conversation and i talked to the owner for the reason and told him that nobody charge this much on card. He straight forwardly said “Lena hai to lo hamain doosroon ka nai pata. Wo sub bhar main jayein” and also he abuses. He was so rude and i was like hating him every second. He thought me as a slave rather than a customer. Then I wrote a tip with the picture on Foursquare. After that I promised with myself not to be there again ever in my life.

Facebook again on the edge


Pakistan Today has reported that Lahore High Court Justice Sh Azmat Saeed yesterday ordered ministry of information and technology to block Facebook in Pakistan for spreading religious hatred on internet world.

So this was the news from Pakbee in which facebook is being shown on the edge. Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) has to obey the order of the Lahore High Court against some pages of facebook to be blocked in Pakistan for some crucial reasons. They might be kind of corruption or terrorism or extreamism. I think it is a good step that is going to be taken by the Lahore High Court. There are people who call theirselves a true Muslim without caring for others views. I wish LHC take other websites to be banned by taking a plea of Extreamism.

How to select property for investment

Hello Dear Reader!

Hope you are fine and enjoying your wonderful life that is given to you by Allah and it is for short period of time. Please don’t waste your life in hate and giving tensions to other people. Life should be like those people who are good to other people. I think I’m deviating from the topic. :) Don’t take tension I now came back. hahahaha

I have read somewhere that if the economy is growing of a country, the housing sector starts getting a boom in the country or economy. Same is the case with Pakistan. Near the vaccinity of Lahore, you can find many housing schemes which are under construction. Lahore is now become the wonderful place to live if you’re in Pakistan. But the business of the property in Lahore also seems very profitable.

There are some tips regarding purchasing a property in Pakistan. I think my tips are universal. Anyways if you have something to say, then do tell me I will be very thankful.

Let’s start with the tips…

  1. If you have money for the investment in property, don’t go for installments. It will cost you higher and very few chances of returns exist.
  2. Always consult the open market for the latest prices of the property. Don’t go directly to the developers. They will most probably charge you higher and they will convince you to buy a property in installments.
  3. Try to select a property which is within the city or close to the city. Because if you buy a property which is outside the city, it will take years to get populated. These kind of properties are best for the people near those locations and only for residence.
  4. If you are planning to buy a shop in a building, always make sure that what are the businesses which are going to open their shops in the building. If you are the first one and want a shop for just investment purpose, believe me you’re in trouble. Buildings are run by shops and businesses.
  5. If you are getting a profit on selling your property, don’t wait and sell it out. Because there are very few chances of continues appreciation of the property especially in commercial plot or shops.

I think these five tips are enough. Actually I have interest in property and always planning to buy some for future investment and for future goals. So honestly, i take these point under my consideration before selecting any property. Let me give you a tip for investment in property in Lahore. Now it is up to you that wheather you like it or not but I will give you by force. hahaha

You can go for Central Park in Lahore Pakistan, but buy the plots from open market and on down payment or full payment. Don’t go for the housing schemes which are on the corner of the city like Nawaz Gardens or SA Gardens. These are not meant for the people who are living in Lahore’s middle like Gulberg, Ichra, Shadman, Mughal Pura, etc…


More will be next time….

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I Played a Prank

A night view of Islamabad from Margalla Hills....
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Hi Dear!

I went to the trip to Kalar Kahar and Islamabad from my city Lahore with my cousins on 21st November 2010 a lovely Sunday morning. The trip was awesome and really memorable. We enjoyed a lot as we were on our own car.

Let’s get back to the real prank. When we were leaving Islamabad, there was a check point. We were four in the car and the police stopped us for checking. After his full satisfaction, i offered him to come with us to Lahore. We were having Sting Energy Drinks. One of my cousin asked us to fill it with water. When I offered the policeman a lift to Lahore, my cousin offered him that Energy Drink which was filled with water. He first denied to take then we forced him and he took it. My cousin told my another cousin to move the car fast. We suddenly and rushed out from there and what i saw back is that policeman is looking here and there that if nobody is seeing you from drinking the drink and then he took a sip and suddenly spit it on the road. Ha ha ha… Oh Man it was a lovely and funny moment that i ever enjoyed in a company. You can’t even imagine the full body expressions of the policeman.


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