Guide For Getting a better taxi ride in Lahore

This article will help you in getting better understanding about hiring a taxi or ride in Lahore with the example.


Shadman CNG

It is fourth time in Shadman CNG I think, that the Gas Filler Man takes the CNG Stopper/Nozzle out to fill up the Gas and after that, they don't fix it again and says "Sir You don't have the stopper. Will you buy it?" This is what they idiot people do with the car owners … Continue reading Shadman CNG

Facebook again on the edge

Pakistan Today has reported that Lahore High Court Justice Sh Azmat Saeed yesterday ordered ministry of information and technology to block Facebook in Pakistan for spreading religious hatred on internet world. So this was the news from Pakbee in which facebook is being shown on the edge. Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) has to obey the … Continue reading Facebook again on the edge