Facebook’s Like n Share Mafia

Hello Dear All!

You know very well that I’m active in Digital Social Life. One thing I really hate about Facebook and annoys is that it allow the “Like Mafia” upload pictures. I hate it and I can’t tell you how much….  They post this kind of pictures to promote their page with no productivity but just the mental satisfaction that they have thousands of likes of their page and they think they’re too smart. They blackmail us for posting religious kind of pictures. What the helllll??? So here I’m gonna share some of the “Like Mafia” shared pictures with you.










Things I like (FASHION) – Part Two

Hello All!

Hoping you’re all fine and enjoying your life with full charm. I am sure that you have read my previous post of the series “Things I Like” which was about Money. But keep one thing in mind that what i’m posting here is just the true reflection of my personality. I post what I am and what I like. :D

Here I’m gonna discuss about one of the most innovative thing which always in a form to do something extra ordinary. I love fashion and I still don’t know that whether I want to become a fashion designer or I just love to wear fashion? :D I’m so dumb yeah? Hahahaha… Well I really like to wear brands of everything but I don’t wear every brand because sometimes, it is out of my range. :( My favorite brands are different for different type of clothing. I like T-Shirt of FCUK, Guess, Levi’s, Samuel and Kevin and FABI. I like the jeans of Wolf Zone and ZARA. I like patterns of GUCCI and VERSACE. I like the shoes of Salvatore Ferragamo and Roberto Cavalli. I like the perfume of Hugo Boss, Chanel, Dior and Davidoff. I like the casual look of Massimo Dutti somehow.


I’m 24 years old and some of my friends say that there is nothing in fashion cloths. Be simple and move on. But I don’t know why they don’t want to enjoy their life to some extent where it is possible? I really don’t like packed people who are just doing what they are told to do so. Please guys come up with the new things. Fashion is what they depicts your personality too. What I just want is that where ever I am sitting, I should know the things people are discussing there about. I want to be aware of everything. What will happen that some of your community members are discussing about the latest outlet and you’re just silent with looking at their faces with a question mark on your face? This is what I don’t want. Fashion is the same in this context. I like to wear the things that I could say something about in a particular class of the community. It doesn’t mean that I don’t wear local brands. I do wear local brands. I wear the T-Shirts of Fabi and I also wear the Uniworth. A person must maintain the level of his/her lifestyle. This is what I do. If I have money, then I will buy best in it.

Things I like (MONEY) – Part One

Hello Dear!
First of all, i would like to thank you for your time for me. Secondly, kindly ignore all the spelling mistakes that you will find in this post because I am typing this post on Iphone. Things I lime would be the series about myself. So here is the first part. :D
Today, I want to tell you my feelings and my views about MONEY, the Wealth. What I am discussing in this post is the 100% reflection of my nature. :D

I am very passionate about success, love and most important money. I love money because it is the only thing i believe which will fulfill all my needs and wants. You think i am hungary about money? Hmmmm…… Ya I am. I told you why I am and that is fact. I want money to serve those who are around me and most important my family. I love the feeling when I spend my wealth on my family. I think people who are dependend, will hardly imagine those feelings. When you earn, you actually on the way to polishing yourself. Money plays an important role too in your SAY in the society. when you have money, people would listen to you. When you have character, people will also listen to you but only few people. Because every one in this world is eager of money. There are different ways of earning it but i prefer the business as a source. :-)

What money can do for me?
Here is a interesting question that right now I asked myself. :)

  • Money will give me the power.
  • Money will take me to the countries I wanted to visit as I love travelling.
  • Money can take me to different restaurants.
  • Money can buy me branded cloths as i try to wear. (Very Expensive Fond)
  • Money will gather people around me.
  • Money can buy me a good house and a beautiful car.
  • Money can give me power to multiply it.

Well these are all the points. But i dont want a big house and a lovely car. I am easy with my small home and a cute car. :D ……

Money is very much important to me because I don’t want die with hopes. Just a sime sentence and my whe life in it.