Twitter VS Facebook

Twitter VS Facebook

Hello Darling :-)

How are you all and I hope that you are all enjoying your life with full ease and enthusiasm. Hey… Today I am gonna discuss something very crispy and social. Hahahaha…. Ya you can guess the topic from the title. What do you like by the way? Twitter or Facebook? Mostly people like Facebook just because of its rich multimedia and user friendly features. But I personally don’t like Facebook much just because of its this feature. Isn’t it amazing? Twitter cannot be said as the complete social networking website but it is a micro blogging website where people usually blog about their thinkings and activities that they are doing in their lives. So I want to share my one update and that is fact and that is

I update my Facebook, MySpace, Google Buzz, LinkedIn and Yahoo account from Twitter.

You already know that I am more social but it becomes impossible for me to update my all accounts one by one. So what i use is a micro blogging website and it is none other than Twitter. Twitter is just a simple website let’s you share you ideas and thinkings so if people like it, they easily share by retweeting it. You don’t need to send a friend request and you are up with many things of the member. There is one more fact about Twitter and that is:

Celebrities are more likely to use twitter to interact with their fans.

That’s true you know? Ok.. Let’s come to the Facebook. Facebook is i told you already a rich graphic SOCIAL NETWORKING WEBSITE in which you must have to send a friend request in order to keep updated about the person and you have to fill your complete profile with likes and dislikes, movies and music etc… Young generation uses Facebook more than the aged people. If I talk about the Pakistani situation, people are not much aware of Twitter and there are very few people who uses twitter rather than Facebook. You can’t imagine that I found some Pakistani People after one year. Don’t try to laugh at me. Hahahaha…

Now let’s try the views of others about Facebook and Twitter. Please read this very carefully it will really help you in making good decision and convincing others :-)

Why People Love Facebook

Facebook appeals to social animals and can be very addicting to people who have an insatiable appetite to stay connected with friends and make new acquaintances. In fact, some people report they rarely use email or IM tools anymore in their online social communications anymore, relying almost entirely on Facebook for email, chat, image and video sharing.

Facebook addicts prefer the social portal model versus having to log into AIM, Yahoo Messenger, Gmail, Hotmail, Flickr, YouTube, MySpace, etc. Instead, Facebook gives them a single alternative to all these applications, with one login and interface to manage their online social interaction needs. This largely explains the explosive growth Facebook continues to experience and why the company reportedly invested $200 million in data center upgrades last year to keep up with demand!

Why People Love Twitter

The usefulness of Twitter is not readily as obvious to some people as Facebook; although it may be more addictive once you get the hang of Tweeting; you get more immediate responses and it seems to live somewhere between the worlds of email, instant messaging and blogging. Twitter encourages constant “linking out” to anywhere and, in that respect, is more analogous to a pure search engine; another way to find people and content all over the Net.

Twitter has quickly built brand awareness and a loyal following, especially among the technically adept; bloggers, online marketers, evangelists, basically anyone with something to promote seem to find Twitter extremely valuable.

When asked why they love Twitter, users say like “I can ask a question and get an instantaneous response”. They crave the ability to “tap into the collective consciousness” of others on the network, bouncing ideas off others with whom they would otherwise have no means of connecting. Twitter addicts claim it’s like the old fashioned water cooler, where people can gather to shoot the breeze on whatever topic is on their minds. Twitter is like a communications stream you dive into for an invigorating swim.

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Never let go … !!!

I want to share the saying of my father that it is very hard to find the sincere and loving people out of the world but if you find any, don’t let them go. Because they own a space for you in their hearts and they care for you even they don’t tell you. One thing that needs to be share is that if you are unable to understand the silence of other person, then how would you be able to understand the words spoken by them? it is really hard but not impossible. You just need to develop the aesthetic sense and the sense of judging the right things and you will rock. I have lot more to say but i just can’t type in words. May be some other time. Till then…….. See you… Take care of yourself because may be some other people live for you. Love you all.

I want to hold your hand

I want to hold your hand,
and provide the shoulder for tears.
burdens will be easier
carried between us both

Until death do us part,
and through thick and thin do we struggle
to keep the feelings true
and all the love safe

in my heart
a fire burns for yo,
a desire that can’t be beat
a flame that will never be rekindled

and so as we lay tonight
in our own worlds
may the love never leave
and let the angel of my heart
grow to meet you
and live together
for the finality of oue life

I just love the feelings


  • When a girl stares at you, she is wondering why you are so wonderful.
  • When a girl says that she can’t live without you, she has made up her mind that you are her future.
  • When a girl says, “I miss you, ” no one in this world can miss you more than that.
  • When a girl is mean to you after a breakup she wants you back, but she’s scared she’ll get hurt and knows you’re gone forever.


  • When a guy is not arguing, He realizes he’s wrong.
  • When a guy calls you, he wants to be with you.
  • When a guy says, “I miss you, ” he misses you more than you could have ever missed him or anything else.


Some Romantic Moments

Are you romantic? Ohh if you are then here is some points that I have collected for you about the most romantic moments in the life of a couple. You really wanna know??


Let’s go with it…..

  1. A night time when you’re driving on a calm rainy road with the song played in a light sound “Ring My Bells by Enrique Iglesius”
  2. Listening to the song and your eyes shed because you’re missing your love
  3. When you go to bed and then you remember his/her last words before hanging up the call.
  4. You’re watching the movie and suddenly at love scene, you got a message or call from your lover…
  5. You’re in great trouble and you feel happy when your lover says “Don’t worry we both handle this. I’m with you”
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